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Let the Headlines Speak
Jan 17th
Daily News
From the Internet
Categories: Today's Headlines

FINALLY: Trump authorizes anti-aircraft missiles for the Kurds to combat Islamic threats from Turkey and Syria
The US is supplying N. Syrian Kurds with man-portable air defense weapons MANPADs to counter Turkish war threats. Tensions around northern Syria hit a new high on Tuesday, Jan. 16, when Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan threatened his army would invade the Kurdish region of Afrin – and then Kurdish-held Manbij – both of which abut on the Turkish border.

With a risk premium for oil, the World Economic Forum worried by war
“A deteriorating geopolitical landscape is partly to blame for the pessimistic outlook in 2018, with 93 percent of respondents saying they expect political or economic confrontations between major powers to worsen and nearly 80 percent expecting an increase in risks associated with war involving major powers,” the report read. World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said last year that global economic momentum was “robust,” but warned the interdependent world that normally binds peace to deeper levels of connectivity was “falling apart and countries and peoples are pulling away from each other.”

Washington’s Paradigm Shift on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
The Trump administration’s approach to the Palestinians represents what Mideast experts and Israel advocates are describing as a paradigm shift in Washington, D.C.—acknowledging that Palestinian rejectionism lies at the root of the Arab-Israeli conflict, rather than reflexively blaming the Jewish state for the impasse in negotiations. The purported paradigm shift comes as the current Palestinian leadership is rejecting American involvement in the peace process.

US Withholds $65 Million From UN’s Palestinian Refugee Agency, Calls for Changes
“There is a need to undertake a fundamental re-examination of UNRWA, both in the way it operates and the way it is funded,” a U.S. official told AFP. According to the State Department, the U.S. sent UNRWA $60 million to keep the agency operating through the end of the year, but withheld additional planned funding of $65 million, while encouraging other countries to share the burden.

White House Announces Religious Freedom Day
On Tuesday morning, President Donald Trump publicly proclaimed January 16 as the national day of religious freedom. He called on Americans to celebrate the day, so as to “remind us of our shared heritage of religious liberty.” The president’s announcement addressed both religious freedom internationally and within the United States.

‘New California’ movement seeks to divide the Golden State in half
Two men have launched a campaign to divide rural California from the coastal cities, motivated by what they referred to as a “tyrannical form of government,” that doesn’t follow the state or federal constitution, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Unlike the failed 2016 campaign to split California into 6 states, the “New California” movement, founded by Robert Paul Preston and Tom Reed, seeks to consolidate rural California into a dinstinct economy separate from the coast. The “founders” have evoked Article IV Section 3 of the United States Constitution as justification for establishing a new economy with a new state constitution.

PA Chairman threatens war over Jerusalem
Mahmoud Abbas threatened war if US President Donald Trump does not allocate Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian State. In a Cairo speech, Abbas said, “Jerusalem is the key to peace if it is our capital, and if it is not – it is the key to war. Trump will need to chose.”

Magnitude 5.8 Quake Hits 51 Miles Southwest of Rivas, Nicaragua – USGS
At first the USGS put the magnitude of the earthquake at 6.0 but later it revised it.

Thermometer in world’s coldest village breaks as temperatures plunge to -62C
The thermometer in a remote Siberian village known as the coldest inhabited place on earth has broken as temperatures plunged to near-record depths. The public device, which was installed in Oymyakon as a tourist attraction, recorded -62C, before malfunctioning this week.

Out!’ Trump Kicks CNN’s Jim Acosta Out Of Press Conference
When Jim Acosta asked if the President would prefer the people to be from Caucasian countries or places of color, President Trump looked at the Senior White House Correspondent, pointed a finger at him and said one word — “Out.”

UNRWA chief appeals for Palestinian refugee funds after US cut 
The head of the UN agency that provides aid to Palestinian refugees appealed on Wednesday for world donations after the United States withheld about half its planned funding for the organization, a move he said risks instability in the region. Washington said on Tuesday it would provide $60 million to the UN Relief and Welfare Agency while keeping back a further $65 million for now. The US State Department said UNRWA needed to make unspecified reforms.

Abbas cancels peace negotiations due to Saudi leaked Jerusalem plan
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas decided to deliver Sunday’s speech – in which he ruled out a peace process as long as Donald Trump is US president – after parts of Trump’s Middle East peace plan were leaked to him by the Saudis, Channel 2 reported on Tuesday night. Even before Sunday’s speech, Ben Caspit of The Jerusalem Post’s Hebrew sister paper Maariv reported last week that Abbas was angered by the preliminary reports of Trump’s plan that the Saudis had given him.

Brexit: Brits take EU rights bid to Dutch court
Five UK nationals are going to court in the Netherlands in a campaign to keep their EU citizenship after Brexit. They want a Dutch judge to press the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to clarify their rights. The ECJ, if it decides to make a ruling, could guarantee such rights as freedom of movement after the UK leaves the European Union. An ECJ decision would affect all British nationals living in the European Union.

Syria war: Turkish forces mass near Kurdish areas
Turkey’s president has warned of imminent military offensives on two Kurdish-held areas in northern Syria, as tanks and troops mass on the border. Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Syrian rebels would support Turkish efforts to clear the “terror nests” of Afrin and Manbij. The areas are controlled by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), which Ankara considers a terrorist group.

Earthquake-causing meteor leaves southeast Michigan residents awestruck
Residents of southeast Michigan were left a bit shaken Tuesday night after a big bright flash lit up the sky and the ground beneath them shook. A flying saucer? No. A shooting star? Not quite. The National Weather Service eventually solved the mystery, tweeting “USGS confirms meteor occurred around 810 pm, causing a magnitude 2.0 earthquake.”

The Church of Satan believes that sex robots could save our society
Oddly, the founder of the church of Satan, Anton Lavey, predicted sex robots more than two decades ago – and today’s Satanists still believe they could save us all. In Lavey’s ‘Five Point Plan’, drawn up in the Eighties, he recommended the use of ‘humanoids’ as an outlet for people’s darker impulses…Magus Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan told Metro, ‘Anton LaVey promoted the idea of “artificial human companions” as a means for people to exercise sexual or other drives with a device that might gratify their fantasies without having to involve other human beings.

How China Infiltrated U.S. Classrooms
Last year, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte made an announcement to great fanfare: The university would soon open a branch of the Confucius Institute, the Chinese government-funded educational institutions that teach Chinese language, culture and history. The Confucius Institute would “help students be better equipped to succeed in an increasingly globalized world,” says Nancy Gutierrez, UNC Charlotte’s dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences…

Welcome to the neighbourhood. Have you read the terms of service?
…Quayside may be one of the most sensor-laden neighbourhoods in North America, thanks to Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs, which has been working on a plan to redevelop the area from the ground up into a test bed for smart city technology…The Canadian government is soliciting pitches for more smart cities across the country, and has promised up to $80 million to communities competing in its Smart Cities Challenge prize.

21 states sue to keep net neutrality as Senate Democrats reach 50 votes
A group of 21 U.S. state attorneys general filed suit to challenge the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to do away with net neutrality on Tuesday while Democrats said they needed just one more vote in the Senate to repeal the FCC ruling…Trump backed the FCC action, the White House said last month, and overturning a presidential veto requires a two-thirds vote of both chambers.

Breaking Report: Trump Admin To Appeal DACA Decision Directly To Supreme Court
Fox News is reporting that the Justice Department is planning to appeal directly to the Supreme Court to overrule a San Francisco federal judge’s ruling voiding President Trump’s order ending the Obama administration’s controversial DACA program for certain illegal aliens brought to the U.S. as children.

Government Report: 73% of All Terrorism Related Offenders Over Last 15 Years were Foreign Born
A new report by the Department of Homeland Security found that 73% of terrorism related offenses in the last 15 years were by foreign born residents.

It’s Spreading=> Congressional Investigation Into Steele Dossier Has New Target: The Obama State Department
Congressional investigators probing the origins of the Steele dossier have set their sights on a brand new target — The Obama State Department.

Isaiah’s Shocking Prophecy Comes True in the Sahara as Snow Falls in World’s Hottest Desert
The people of Ain Sefra were greeted by a strange sight when they woke up last Sunday: 4-12 inches of snow had fallen overnight in the northern Algerian town known as “the Gateway to the Desert”, situated between the Sahara Desert and the Atlas Mountains. This is only the third time in the last 40 years that the Sahara’s dunes have been coated with snow. The Sahara is one of the hottest places on the planet but strangely, it snowed there last year as well. Before that, it had been 37 years since Ain Sefra’s last snowfall.

Trump Withholds $65 Million from U.N.’s Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Agency
The Trump administration on Tuesday informed the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which ministers to so-called Palestinian refugees, that it is providing tens of millions of dollars less than its annual pledge to the agency.

OUTBREAK ALERT: ‘Eye Bleed Fever’ Kills 4 As Virus Sweeps Through Uganda
Panic is setting in after a nine-year-old girl died suddenly of “eye bleed fever” in Uganda.  This new virus is said to be even more dangerous than the “Black Death,” killing 40 percent of those who contract the disease, and four have died already.

Islamic Takeover in FULL SWING – American School District Surrenders to SHARIA LAW
The greatest damage to the American country had been made during the Obama’s time in the White House. His legislation’s allowed hundreds of thousands Muslim immigrants from third-world countries, move to America and stay here forever.

Our Leaders Have Sold America to the United Nations
…Despite all of these problems, the United Nations champions massive, disorganized immigration. Why? Because it serves to dilute the culture. Oh, I know this is a conspiracy theory and as some would have you believe there is no such thing as a conspiracy. But before you can install a new world order, you must destroy the existing cultures and the spirit of nationalism.

Palestinians Attempt to Bomb 1,000 Jewish Pilgrims Visiting Joseph’s Tomb, Judaism’s Third Holiest Site
On Tuesday, Palestinians apparently attempted to bomb Joseph’s Tomb, considered Judaism’s third holiest site, during a visit there earlier today by about 1,000 Jewish pilgrims.

Every Swedish household to receive guide on how to handle terror attacks
Sweden is set to send a guide to every household in the country on how to handle terror attacks as its security deteriorates. The ‘If War Comes’ booklet was first distributed in the 1940s in the early days of the Second World War and contained tips for citizens on what they should do if Sweden was invaded

A Certain Jew Named Aquila, .... With His Wife Priscilla - Acts 18:2
Jan 17th
Morning Meditation
F. B. Meyer
Categories: Commentary;Inspirational;Book Study

It is a striking spectacle to see Paul, on his entrance to Corinth, with which his name was to be so remarkably associated, looking around, probably in the Jewish quarter, for manual employment, that he might be sure of his bread. Similarity of craft introduced him to Aquila and his wife Priscilla, who had been recently expelled from Rome by the imperial edict. At this time they were in unbelief, but were apparently converted by the words the apostle addressed to them as they sat together over their daily toil.

How eager Paul was, not only to preach the Gospel to the crowds that thronged the gay and sunny streets of Corinth, but to win individual souls for his Master's kingdom. Some are eager enough in this holy quest, when they occupy the pulpit, and are conscious of many eyes being fixed upon them; but they are careless of the individual souls cast in their way. Not so was it with the Master, who went out of His way to find one Samaritan woman, and stopped beneath the tree to call down one publican. Not so was it with Philip, who spoke to the eunuch as eagerly as to Samaria. Not so was it with the apostle, who was as intense in his endeavors for a jailer, a Lydia, a Timothy, as for the crowds that were going to destruction.

Is not this God's secret test? If we are not careful about the ones and twos, He will not use us to the crowds. Indeed, it is the experience we obtain in dealing with individuals that equips us for multitudes. The way in which the kingdom of God comes ordinarily is, "One by one." How much might be done if each Christian workman would seek to win his neighbor!

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