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The variety of Gods instruments
Jan 1st, 2017
Morning Meditation
Morning Meditation
Categories: Meditation;Commentary;Book Study

Hazael, king of Syria; Jehu, the rude captain; and Elisha, the young farmer. Each was as different as possible from the others, and yet each was needed for some special work in connection with that idolatrous people. Hazael was destined to be the rod of divine vengeance to Israel at large, by whom God began to cut them short, and to make them like the dust by threshing. Ah! cruel indeed was his treatment of them! (2 Kings 5:12; 10:32 12:3,17). Jehu was to be the scourge of the house of Ahab, extirpating it root and branch. Elishas ministry was to be genial and gentle as summer rain and evening dew, like the ministry of our Lord Himself whom Elisha prefigured and of whom his name significantly spoke.

It is remarkable how God accomplishes His purposes through men who only think of working their own wild way. Their sin is not diminished or condoned because they are executing the designs of heaven, it still stands out in all its malignant deformity. And yet, though they are held accountable for the evil, it is nonetheless evident that they do whatsoever Gods hand and Gods counsel determined before to be done. This fact is often referred to in Scripture. Joseph comforted his brethren after his fathers death, by telling them that though they thought evil against him, God meant it for good, to save people. David forbade his men to slay Shimei because, though Shimei cursed David, and cursing the king was a foul act of treason, yet "the LORD hath said unto him, Curse David" (2 Samuel 16:10). And our blessed Lord, when about to be delivered into the hands of wicked men, said that His Father was putting the cup into His hands (see Acts 2:23).

Men may do evil things against us for which they will be condemned, and yet those very things, being permitted by the wisdom and love of God, are His messages to us. Before they can reach us, they must pass through His environing, encompassing presence. If they do, then they are Gods will for us, and we must meekly accept our Fathers plan, saying, "Not my will, but Thine be done." - F. B. Meyer

Let the Headlines Speak
Jan 1st, 2017
Daily News
From the Internet
Categories: Today's Headlines

Report: Trump team wants Netanyahu at inauguration
US President-elect Donald Trump's team has "aggressively courted" Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to attend the incoming president's January 20 inauguration, according to a report on Saturday by the New York Post. President-elect Donald Trump's transition team...has been pushing for Netanyahu to attend the January 20th festivities and for the two world leaders to meet before then, a source told the Post.  

Abbas calls for world to recognize State of Palestine
2017 will be the year of recognizing the State of Palestine, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday night. “We are calling for 2017 to be the year of international recognition of the State of Palestine because more recognitions will strengthen the possibility of achieving a two-state solution and real peace,” Abbas said in a televised speech...  

'ISIS seeking to launch mass-casualty chemical attacks in Europe'
Islamic State militants have aspirations to launch mass-casualty chemical attacks on targets in Britain and elsewhere in Europe... Ben Wallace also said British authorities feared that as the militant group was driven out of strongholds in the Middle East such as the Iraqi city of Mosul, Britons fighting for the group would return home and pose a growing domestic threat.  

Dozens killed at Turkish nightclub
At least 39 people were killed and at least 69 wounded in an attack in a nightclub early Sunday as they were celebrating the new year, Turkey's Interior Minister said. "We are face to face with a terror attack," Interior minister Suleyman Soylu told reporters.  

New UN chief Guterres pledges to make 2017 'a year for peace'
On his first day at the helm of the United Nations, Secretary-General António Guterres today pledged to make 2017 a year for peace. “On this New Year's Day, I ask all of you to join me in making one shared New Year's resolution: Let us resolve to put peace first,” said Mr. Guterres in an appeal for peace.  

Israel PM discusses Syria conflict with Putin
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on the phone Saturday with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss the conflict in Syria and "continued security cooperation", his office said.  

Putin won 2016, but Russia has its limits as a superpower​
In a New Year’s address that came off like a victory lap, Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked his country Saturday in the wake of a wildly successful 2016 that saw the Kremlin leader shore up Russia’s standing abroad and acquire a host of powerful geopolitical friends.  

North Korea Is Preparing Inter-Continental Missile Test, Yonhap Reports
Kim Jong Un said North Korea is in the “last stage” of preparations to test-fire an inter-continental ballistic missile, refusing to slow his nuclear arms development as President-elect Donald Trump prepar

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