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The Vail Shall Divide Unto You - Exodus 26:33
Nov 1st, 2018
Morning Meditation
F. B. Meyer
Categories: Meditation;Inspirational;Book Study

That vail was rent when Jesus died, the Holy Ghost signifying that from that moment access was free into the Holiest. All believers are now welcome to draw near and live in the perpetual presence of God, their Father, even as Jesus did in His earthly life, and as He does in the Heaven of Heavens. This is the clear teaching of Heb 10:19-22 : - " Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way, which He hath consecrated for us, through the vail, that is to say, His flesh; and having a High Priest over the house of God; let us draw near with a true heart, in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water."

But there is a deeper significance still. The new and living way was opened through the rending of the flesh of Jesus Christ. As His flesh was rent on the Cross, the Temple vail was rent from the top to the bottom. And it is only when we have chosen the cross, with its shame and death, as the lot of our self-life, that we can enter into that immediate fellowship with God, which is described as "within the vail."

How many there are who never get beyond that dividing vail! They know the brazen altar of Atonement, the laver of daily washing, the golden altar of intercession; but they are never admitted to that blessed intimacy of communion which sees the Shekinah glory between the cherubim and blood-sprinkled mercy-seat.

O Spirit of God, apply the blood to sprinkle our consciences, and the water to cleanse the habits of our daily life; and lead us where our Forerunner and Priest awaits us.

Let the Headlines Speak
Nov 1st, 2018
Daily News
From the Internet
Categories: Today's Headlines

MSNBC Reporter Interviews Latino Texans Who Are Skeptical Of Migrant Caravan, Voting Republican
in interviews with Latino voters Atencio was stunned to find that they were voting Republican and had a bad opinion of the migrant caravan heading to the U.S. border. “When you see images like the migrant caravan and President Trump talking about the caravan, does that motivate you to want to vote in a certain way?” Atencio asked. The voter responded, “Yes, it makes me want to vote Republican. I think if you want to live in this country, you need to abide by its laws.” “That blows my mind,” the MSNBC host said after the segment.

“Organized Busing Operation” Exposed, Moving Migrants Closer To US Border
Traveling at a sluggish pace of 10 miles per day, the migrant caravan probably wouldn’t arrive at the nearest US border crossing at McAllen, Texas until February, according to one observer, who debunked claims widely circulated by the media that the caravan would arrive before the Nov. 6 midterm election. But as it turns out, the organizations that have been aiding the caravan since it first formed in Honduras nearly three weeks ago have already accounted for this. And to help ensure that images of border patrol agents arresting families and separating small children from their parents are flashing across cable news in the days and hours before the polls open, these groups are employing a new tactic: Busing.

Bolsonaro To Close Palestinian Embassy
Brazil’s president-elect Jair Bolsonaro has announced that in a package of initial moves related to Israel and the Middle East, he plans to shut down the Palestinian embassy in Brasilia.

Grassley Refers Avenatti, Swetnick to DOJ for Criminal Probe
Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the FBI to probe Julie Swetnick and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, for allegedly false statements made during the confirmation process for Justice Brett Kavanaugh. (Video)

Anak Krakatau volcano explodes like fireworks with lava and lightning
The Anak Krakatau volcano, infamous for its extreme eruptions, is launching lava bombs and generating its own lightning this month, which was recently captured on video by a scientist from a nearby island.

George Soros May Not Be the Antichrist, but the Antichrist Spirit Is Certainly at Work
Is George Soros the Antichrist? Some people seem to think so. Rudy Giuliani recently retweeted a post that read, “Follow the money. I think Soros is the anti-Christ! He must go! Freeze his assets & I bet the protests will stop.” I was surprised to see how much media attention this tweet received. While I’m sure many, including Giuliani, didn’t take this Antichrist accusation seriously, others see a strong spiritual angle to Soros’ actions.

Unemployment soars among Iran’s university graduates. Galloping Inflation
Official figures released in Tehran on Tuesday indicate that Iran’s economic woes are deepening, even before the US clamps sanctions down on its oil sales next week. Inflation in September hit 6.1pc, i.e. 103 per annum. One third of all university and college male graduates, i.e. young men under 30, are unemployed, while up to half of all female graduates are out of work.

Israel’s Mossad foils Iranian assassination plot in Denmark
“I have decided to recall Denmark’s ambassador in Tehran for consultations… Denmark can in no way accept that people with ties to Iran’s intelligence service plot attacks against people in Denmark,” Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen was quoted as having told reporters. “It is the Iranian government, it is the Iranian state that is behind” the plot, Samuelsen added.

Chinese intelligence officers charged in US aviation hacking
The indictments named two officers working for the Nanjing-based foreign intelligence arm of China’s Ministry of State Security and six other defendants who allegedly conspired from 2010 to 2015 to steal sensitive turbofan engine technology used in commercial aviation. The hackers used spear phishing to deploy malware and other means to intrude into a French aerospace company that was developing the engines with a U.S. company, prosecutors said. The suspects also hacked into aerospace companies in Massachusetts, Oregon and Arizona that manufactured engine parts.

Gaza border teens’ Instagram account goes viral 
Videos of Iron Dome interceptions in the sky. Photos of fields set alight by incendiary kites and balloons. The sounds of red alert sirens waking families from their sleep. A group of eight teenaged girls from the Gaza border communities want to share their experiences living under fire with the world. And within less than two weeks, their Instagram account about life under fire has gained more than 50,000 followers.

Asia Bibi: Pakistan acquits Christian woman on death row
A Pakistani court has overturned the death sentence of a Christian woman convicted of blasphemy, a case that has polarised the nation. Asia Bibi was convicted in 2010 after being accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad in a row with her neighbours. She always maintained her innocence, but has spent most of the past eight years in solitary confinement.

Denmark accuses Iran of activist murder plot
Denmark has accused Iran’s intelligence agencies of planning to assassinate an Iranian activist on Danish soil. The target was believed to be a member of an Arab separatist movement, Denmark’s intelligence service said. Denmark has recalled its ambassador from Tehran and is consulting other EU countries about imposing new sanctions against Iran.

Can artificial intelligence help stop religious violence?
Software that mimics human society is being tested to see if it can help prevent religious violence. Researchers used artificial intelligence algorithms to simulate actions driven by sectarian divisions. Their model contains thousands of agents representing different ethnicities, races and religions. Norway and Slovakia are trialling the tech to tackle tensions that can arise when Muslim immigrants settle in historically Christian countries.

The world’s first humanless warehouse is run only by robots and is a model for the future
At a recent technology show in Tokyo, a large robot arm reached into a full-sized mockup of a shipping container and began unloading boxes from it. Set on a platform that moved back and forth, the robot was doing a job usually carried out by warehouse workers and forklift operators. The goal of the company that’s developing it, Mujin, is total automation.

Whopping 62 percent of jobs don’t support middle-class life after accounting for cost of living
Esther Akutekha, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, has a good job as a public relations specialist that pays more than $50,000 a year. But because of the $1,440 a month rent on her studio apartment in the Prospect-Lefferts Gardens neighborhood, she never takes vacations, dines out just once a month and scrapes together dinner leftovers for lunch the next day.

Yellen says rising deficit is unsustainable: ‘If I had a magic wand, I would raise taxes’
The United States is taking on too much debt right now, a problem that is will only worsen moving forward, former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Tuesday. “If I had a magic wand, I would raise taxes and cut retirement spending,” Yellen told CNBC’s Steve Liesman at the Charles Schwab Impact conference in Washington, D.C., who characterized the U.S. debt path as “unsustainable.”

Russia, wary of U.S. sanctions, puts saving before growth
Russia’s drive to fill state coffers to give itself a $200 billion buffer against threats like new U.S. sanctions is prudent, analysts say, but will come at the expense of economic growth. With oil prices high, Russia has been steadily siphoning revenues from its major export into the National Wealth Fund (NWF). It has also raised oil industry taxes, hiked value-added tax and — in a move that has hurt President Vladimir Putin’s popularity — sharply increased the pension age.

Countering global protectionism, Pacific trade pact nears takeoff
A landmark 11-country deal that will slash tariffs across much of the Asia-Pacific region will come into force at the end of December, New Zealand said on Wednesday, a rare bright spot for global commerce as the U.S.-China trade war intensifies. The deal moved forward after Australia become the sixth nation to formally ratify the deal, alongside Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Singapore.

Judge terminates law requiring promotion of abortion
A federal court has blocked a California law that would have required Christians at crisis pregnancy centers to promote abortion.

Yet another church in Europe has just been bought by Islamic groups, and it will be transformed into a mosque for Muslim worshipers
After the Muslim Association of Bergamo won an auction, it became the owner of a former hospital chapel. For about three years the church housed the religious services of the Romanian Orthodox community, which has more than 2,000 believers.

9/11 terrorist Mounir el-Motassadeq is freed from prison and back home in Morocco
El-Motassadeq, 44, who was described in German courts as the ‘treasurer’ for the 9/11 hijackers, spent less than 15 years in prison for his part in the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon which killed 2,977 people in September 2001.

Jordan demands that Israel allow it to build a fifth Islamic minaret on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem – Israel says NO
Jordan has asked Israel to allow it to build a fifth minaret on the Temple Mount, on the eastern wall of the Mount, facing the Mount of Olives. The Jordanian request is not new, and as far as it is known, at least at this stage, Israel does not intend to allow it.

The UN Wants to be Our World Government By 2030
In the 1960s, an informed but naïve undergraduate, I was walking across the campus of the University of Pennsylvania with the Chairman of the Chemistry Department, Prof. Charles C. Price. He told me that he was president of the United World Federalists, and asked if I knew what that organization was. When I said that I did not, he replied that they believed in a one-world government that would grow out of the United Nations.

Will Florida Elect Anti-Cop, Anti-Christian, Open Borders, George Soros Connected, Radical Progressive Andrew Gillum As Its Next Governor?
George Soros, through his many activist agitations groups, is a huge supporter of Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, as well he should be. Gillum and Soros have a long and close connection through the Soros-funded People For The American Way where Gillum worked in a leadership and directorial capacity in the years from 2002 all the way up to 2017.

Halloween haunted house holds ‘Swastika Saturday’ on day of Pittsburgh attack
An Ohio venue set up as a haunted house for Halloween held a “Swastika Saturday” on the same day as the Pittsburgh synagogue attack

China’s President Orders Military ‘PREPARE FOR WAR’
As China continues to battle the escalating trade war with the US, President Xi Jinping has ordered military region tasked with monitoring the South China Sea and Taiwan to “assess the situation it is facing and boost its capabilities so it can handle any emergency.”

Election FRAUD warning: Tech giants and fake news media conspiring to steal the mid-terms 
The anti-speech tech giantshave combined forced with the fake news media (CNN, NYT, WashPost, etc.) to steal the mid-term elections and overthrow democracy in America. In effect, they have already carried out massive election meddling and fraud on a scale the “Russians” could even dream of.

In Pittsburgh, hatred of Jews is nothing new
Growing up in there, I was called kike, there were cross burnings, and even a murderer boasting he killed a ‘Jew boy’

Second Migrant Caravan Carrying Firearms and Gasoline Bombs: Mexican Authorities
exican authorities claim that some migrants from the second caravan making its way through Mexico to the U.S. border are carrying firearms and gasoline bombs.

AWFUL! Liberal Jewish Group Funded by Soros Blames Trump – The Most Pro-Israel President in History – for Mass Shooting at Synagogue
On Saturday a virulently Anti-Trump Nazi went on a shooting rampage in the synagogue murdering 11 Jews in cold blood. Despite this leaders from the far left Soros-funded Bend the Arc PAC blamed President Trump for the mass shooting.

U.S. Military Sending Miles and Miles of Concertina Wire to SW Border
“By the end of this week, we will deploy over 5,200 soldiers to the Southwest Border,” as part of Operation Faithful Patriot, Air Force Gen. Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy, head of the U.S. Northern Command, told a news conference on Monday.

Senator Richard Pan is pushing a bill that would make it a “crime” for anyone to question vaccines
Fake News. The term that didn’t even exist five years ago has now become everybody’s favorite way to suppress free speech. The latest person to jump on the censorship bandwagon is California’s Senator Richard Pan, the very same politician who has already done untold damage by mandating vaccinations for all Californian schoolchildren with his infamous SB277 bill of 2015

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