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Will Pope Francis Become a Holy Man for the World?
Jan 7th, 2016
Daily News
Huffington Post - Religion - Deepak Chopra
Categories: One World Church

Pope Francis I is poised to be more than a very popular pontiff graced with humility and an approach of love and gentleness, two words he often uses. He could rise to become a symbol of holiness beyond the Catholic Church, as the Dalai Lama is a symbol of enlightenment beyond Tibetan Buddhism. Pope Francis has designated 2016 a Holy Year of Mercy, beginning on December 8 of last year.

The specifically Catholic aspect of this announcement is that the Church will be "a witness of mercy," but for those of us who aren't Catholic, there's a universal message voiced personally by the Pope: "No one can be excluded from God's mercy." The question, then, is how potent this mission will be. Francis I has already achieved something extraordinary by helping to bring the U.S. and Cuba together in a historic reconciliation. Can being a witness actually extend mercy in a world where, to the distress of all believers, God has been hijacked by fanatical extremists?

Only the Pope knows what actions he will take.  Standing outside the Church looking in, millions of non-Catholics feel a fresh wind blowing. Pope Francis has shown that he is aware of world problems, and from the outset he has occupied a unique position. He's become a spiritual exemplar whose personal values remind us of the Jesus we learned about as children. In India I was educated as a boy by Irish Christian Brothers, because my parents believed that their schools were the best.

The Christian Brothers were gentle propagandists. We boys accepted them as friends, but we also knew that our teachers would be delighted if we converted to Catholicism. At home my family was ecumenical, and streams of every faith flowed through our door. I was inspired by Jesus, even as I went through several turbulent phases later in life, from idealist to agnostic, before adopting scientific medicine as my faith, and eventually becoming what I'd call a practicing idealist.

Was Jesus a practicing idealist, too? We'll never know, because the historical Jesus has been lost, and he may have spread the Gospel for as little as eighteen months, probably no longer than three years, before the Crucifixion. but Pope Francis appears very much to be a practicing idealist, and the causes he has thrown his weight behind, such as global warming and the plight of the poor, require every ounce of practicality and idealism both.

But every pope is also the guardian of a second Jesus, the Jesus of theology. to an outsider, it has appeared that modern Catholicism has been mired in a rearguard effort to protect theology at all costs. As beloved as John Paul II was, his views on dogma were totally conservative, and his strong arm of enforcement, the cardinal who became Benedict XVI, was even more strict. Under their guidance, the Church fell behind by decades when it came to modern social trends.

I've used the word "outsider" because we non-Catholics have no stake in how the Church conducts its affairs. But if Francis I is the most conscious of modern popes when it comes to modernizing the Vatican, he might still wind up as a symbol of the theological Jesus. That would be a shame, because the theological Jesus, a creation of Church politics (and revelations) over two millennia, may be unsalvageable. He is mired in dogma, and it is dogma that has driven countless believers to label themselves as "spiritual but not religious."

The Church is perennially worried about its straying flock, and here I will take the risk of advising the Pope about how spiritual he should be. There is a third Jesus who today stands higher in modern reputation than either the historical or the theological Jesus. This is the Jesus of the Sermon on the Mount, a teacher of higher consciousness. The Sermon on the Mount stands apart from the rest of the New Testament because it concentrates a mystical worldview that cannot be accepted in normal waking consciousness.

Editors Note....Here we see the attempt by the new age to unify with the New Christianity which of itself new age.

Southern Baptist Churches Start to Ordain Homosexuals and Perform Same - Sex Marriage Rituals
Jan 7th, 2016
Daily News
NTEB - Geoffrey Grider
Categories: Apostasy


The conversation at First Baptist Church Greenville took place well before the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision this summer to legalize same-sex marriages.

Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;” 2 Thessalonians 2:3 (KJV)

In a highly-ironic twist, the First Baptist Church of Greenville, SC, the same church that produced the very first president of the Southern Baptist Convention, William Bullein Johnson, is now an LGBT-affirming, pro-same sex marriage, and pro-transgender church, and they don’t care what you think of them. reports that the dialogue was bold — particularly for one of downtown Greenville’s influential legacy churches that in its earliest years served as a birthplace for revered Southern Baptist institutions. Would the congregation be willing to allow same-sex couples to marry in the church? To ordain gay ministers? To embrace the complexities of gender identity? In an evangelical church born in the antebellum South? Whose founder more than a century and a half ago served as the inaugural president of the Southern Baptist Convention? Here, in Greenville? The answer to each was “yes.”

“What I heard was,We need to do the right thing, regardless of what anybody thinks or says about us,’” says Jim Dant, the 184-year-old church’s senior minister who led the church through its six-month discernment. “There were a few people who said, ‘Are they going to start calling us the gay church in town?’”

The dialogue culminated into a consensus — the kind that, by the earliest tradition of Baptist discernment, resulted in a public affirmation by each present member.

“In some ways, it’s going to open up a space for evangelical gay people to have a place again,” he says. “There will be a voice of biblical interpretation in the evangelical world that says the way this has been interpreted by the average preacher on AM radio every Sunday is not the only way that evangelicals read biblical literature.”

While the SBC itself still mostly holds to Biblical truth, some of it’s members have already begun to pull away and attach themselves to the world. The Mississippi Conservative Daily writes of a war brewing within the Southern Baptist Convention that threatens to split it right down the middle. I believe that the Baptists will be the last group to fall, but if Revelation 3:20 is right, eventually they will fall as well.

Riyadh Nightmare: Saudi Shiites Could Secede and Take All Oil to Iran
Jan 7th, 2016
Daily News
Categories: Contemporary Issues

In Saudi Arabia, ruled by a Sunni monarchy, oil is mostly located in regions populated by Shiites. This fuels Riyadh's "deepest fear" which involves Saudi Shiites seceding and allying their oil-rich regions with Iran, a Shiite theocracy, Jon Schwarz wrote for The Intercept.

Schwarz cited a map, created by Dr. M.R. Izady, Adjunct Master Professor of Middle Eastern Studies and History at the USAF Special Operations School/Joint Special Operations University (JSOU/USAFSOS).

The map shows that "due to a peculiar correlation of religious history and anaerobic decomposition of plankton, almost all the Persian Gulf's fossil fuels are located underneath Shiites," Schwarz noted.

Saudi Arabia is not an exception to this rule. Major Saudi oilfields are located in the largest province of the oil kingdom – the Eastern Province, which contains a majority Shiite population. Prominent Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr, who was recently executed by Riyadh sparking outrage among Shiites, lived in the village of al-Awamiyah, located in the Eastern province.

"If this section of eastern Saudi Arabia were to break away, the Saudi royals would just be some broke 80-year-olds with nothing left but a lot of beard dye and Viagra prescriptions," Schwarz observed. "As a result, one of the Saudi royal family's deepest fears is that one day Saudi Shiites will secede, with their oil, and ally with Shiite Iran."

In this regard, the House of Saud most certainly views any Shiite victory in the region as a direct threat to its wellbeing. For instance, the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 added fuel to the fire, since US forces overthrew Saddam Hussein's Sunni regime and replaced it with a Shiite one, backed by Iran.

"Of course, it's too simple to say that everything happening between Saudis and Iranians can be traced back to oil. Disdain and even hate for Shiites seem to be part of the DNA of Saudi Arabia's peculiarly sectarian and belligerent version of Islam," Schwarz added.

Let the Headlines Speak
Jan 7th, 2016
Daily News
From the Internet
Categories: Today's Headlines

Human-Animal Chimeras Are Gestating on U.S. Research Farms
The agency, in a statement, said it was worried about the chance that animals’ “cognitive state” could be altered if they ended up with human brain cells.  

El Niño likely past its peak
A number of El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) indicators suggest that the 2015-16 El Niño has peaked in recent weeks. Tropical Pacific Ocean temperatures suggest this event is one of the top three strongest El Niño events of the past 50 years. Climate models suggest the 2015-16 El Niño will decline during the coming months, with a return to ENSO neutral likely during the second quarter of 2016.  

Will Pope Francis Become a Holy Man for the World?
Pope Francis I is poised to be more than a very popular pontiff graced with humility and an approach of love and gentleness, two words he often uses. He could rise to become a symbol of holiness beyond the Catholic Church, as the Dalai Lama is a symbol of enlightenment beyond Tibetan Buddhism.  

Franklin Graham Starts Cross-Country Rallies: ‘America Needs the Christian Vote’
Evangelist Franklin Graham kicked off a “Decision America Tour” on Tuesday (Jan. 5) in Des Moines, Iowa, urging evangelical Christians to pray about the upcoming election and vote for candidates of any party who agree with their biblical values.  

US admits Bashar al-Assad will outlast Barack Obama
Leaked adminstration document says Syrian president will not step down before at least March 2017 - more than five years after Mr Obama called for him to leave  

Southern Baptist Churches Start To Ordain Homosexuals And Perform Same-Sex Marriage Rituals
In a highly-ironic twist, the First Baptist Church of Greenville, SC, the same church that produced the very first president of the Southern Baptist Convention, William Bullein Johnson, is now an LGBT-affirming, pro-same sex marriage, and pro-transgender church, and they don’t care what you think of them. Looks like Pastor Jim Dant is leading a revolution to convince his sheep that the Bible supports the LGBT lifestyle. He has created something he calls the LGBT Discernment Team, whatever that is.  

Riyadh's Nightmare: Saudi Shiites Could 'Secede' and Take All Oil to Iran
In Saudi Arabia, ruled by a Sunni monarchy, oil is mostly located in regions populated by Shiites. This fuels Riyadh's "deepest fear," which involves Saudi Shiites seceding and allying their oil-rich regions with Iran, a Shiite theocracy,  

No Gay Marriage in Alabama, Chief Justice Roy Moore Says
Alabama's chief justice of the state supreme court told state judges that they are required to maintain a ban on issuing same-sex marriage licenses, despite the U.S. Supreme Court ruling such bans unconstitutional last year.  

Expert: North Korea H-bomb is 'super-EMP weapon'
one top specialist says the monitor results and North Korea’s claims align fully with the scenario of a device designed for a low yield, yet emitting an enhanced amount of gamma rays. Peter Pry, an expert on electromagnetic pulse weapons, told WND the explosion indeed was such a device.  

Saudi warplanes attack Iranian embassy in Yemen – Iran
Iran has accused Saudi Arabia of using warplanes to attack the Iranian embassy in the Yemeni capital Sana'a. Some guards were reportedly wounded in the attack, according to state news channel IRIB.  

NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of minor G1-class geomagnetic storms today as Earth passes through a stream of high-speed solar wind.  

4.3, 4.8 Magnitude Earthquakes Rock Northern Oklahoma
Many 3.0-or-larger earthquakes rocked northern Oklahoma Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. And dozens of residents called into News 9 after feeling the long lasting quakes.  

USGS geophysicist: Edmond fault could produce large earthquake
A USGS research geophysicist says the recently rediscovered fault under Edmond could produce a quake as large or larger than the Prague quake of 2011 that registered a 5.6 on the Richter scale. It's the state's largest on record.  

Oil price tumbles to below $33
Oil prices tumbled to $32.62 a barrel on Thursday as a result of rising US energy stockpiles and China's weakening currency. Brent crude fell 4.7% while US West Texas Intermediate was down 3.9%. For US oil, that was its lowest point since touching $32.40 in December 2008 during the global financial crisis.  

N Korea nuclear: US, Japan, S Korea pledge united response
The US, South Korea and Japan have said they will be united in their response to North Korea's claim to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. North Korea said it carried out the test on Wednesday - if confirmed it would be its fourth nuclear test, and its first of the more powerful H-bomb. The UN Security Council has also agreed to start drawing up new measures against North Korea.  

Libya truck bomb targets police recruits in Zliten
At least 40 people have been killed after a truck bomb targeted a police training centre in the western Libyan city of Zliten, reports say. Media in Libya said the attack struck the al-Jahfal training camp. The training centre had been a military base during the rule of ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.  

Report: Shots fired at bus carrying Israeli tourists in Egypt
Gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire on tourists, among them two Israelis, as they boarded a bus in Cairo on Thursday but there were no casualties, security sources said. The attack took place at a hotel in the Egyptian capital on a road leading to the pyramids. One gunmen was arrested at the scene and security forces surrounded the other attacker in another part of Cairo, said the sources.  

China Markets in Turmoil as Weak Yuan Fixing Sparks Stock Tumble
The worst start for Chinese markets in two decades showed no signs of letting up after a weaker-than-estimated yuan fixing sent mainland shares tumbling, forcing the world’s second-largest stock market to shut early for the second day this week. China’s CSI 300 Index plunged 7.2 percent before trading was halted by automatic circuit breakers.  

Conservatives Tell Paul Ryan, the Honeymoon’s Over!
On the first full day of the new session of Congress, a group of influential conservative lawmakers signaled to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) that the heady days that closed out 2015 are over.  

Our Impotent President
We know the President never shed a tear over the innocent lives butchered in the Planned Parenthood videos, but he certainly played it up for the cameras yesterday. He fell all over himself to cry and be angry and blame Republicans and lie. His legacy will be erased by executive order in January of 2017 and Obama can then tour the world bad mouthing the country like Jimmy Carter...  

BREAKING: House Passes Senate's Obamacare Repeal Bill, 240-181
UPDATE: Congressional Republicans have passed legislation to repeal Obamacare for the first time.  

800-Year-Old Prophecy Declares When “King of Persia Will Provoke King of Arabia” Redemption is Around the Corner
The Yalkut Shimoni predicted that the year the Messiah would appear, the “King of Persia [Iran] will provoke the King of Arabia [Saudi Arabia].” 

Human - Animal Chimeras are Gestating on U.S. Research Farms
Jan 7th, 2016
Daily News
MIT Technological Review
Categories: Contemporary Issues

Braving a funding ban put in place by America’s top health agency, some U.S. research centers are moving ahead with attempts to grow human tissue inside pigs and sheep with the goal of creating hearts, livers, or other organs needed for transplants.

The effort to incubate organs in farm animals is ethically charged because it involves adding human cells to animal embryos in ways that could blur the line between species.

Last September, in a reversal of earlier policy, the National Institutes of Health announced it would not support studies involving such “human-animal chimeras” until it had reviewed the scientific and social implications more closely.

The agency, in a statement, said it was worried about the chance that animals’ “cognitive state” could be altered if they ended up with human brain cells.

The NIH action was triggered after it learned that scientists had begun such experiments with support from other funding sources, including from California’s state stem-cell agency. The human-animal mixtures are being created by injecting human stem cells into days-old animal embryos, then gestating these in female livestock.

Based on interviews with three teams, two in California and one in Minnesota, MIT Technology Review estimates that about 20 pregnancies of pig-human or sheep-human chimeras have been established during the last 12 months in the U.S., though so far no scientific paper describing the work has been published, and none of the animals were brought to term.

The extent of the research was disclosed in part during presentations made at the NIH’s Maryland campus in November at the agency’s request. One researcher, Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte of the Salk Institute, showed unpublished data on more than a dozen pig embryo containing human cells. Another, from the University of Minnesota, provided photographs of a 62-day-old pig fetus in which the addition of human cells appeared to have reversed a congenital eye defect.

The experiments rely on a cutting-edge fusion of technologies, including recent breakthroughs in stem-cell biology and gene-editing techniques. By modifying genes, scientists can now easily change the DNA in pig or sheep embryos so that they are genetically incapable of forming a specific tissue. Then, by adding stem cells from a person, they hope the human cells will take over the job of forming the missing organ, which could then be harvested from the animal for use in a transplant operation.

“We can make an animal without a heart. We have engineered pigs that lack skeletal muscles and blood vessels,” says Daniel Garry, a cardiologist who leads a chimera project at the University of Minnesota. While such pigs aren’t viable, they can develop properly if a few cells are added from a normal pig embryo. Garry says he’s already melded two pigs in this way and recently won a $1.4 million grant from the U.S. Army, which funds some biomedical research, to try to grow human hearts in swine.

Editors Note....Man is attempting to play God and as a resuilt his days are numbered. "And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever. Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life." (Genesis 3:22-24).

It seems as if man has come full circle.

Expert: North Korea H - Bomb is Super-EMP Weapon
Jan 7th, 2016
Daily News
Categories: Warning

Explosion over U.S. could send nation back into agrarian age



WASHINGTON – While North Korea on Wednesday was hyperbolically bragging about having exploded a test hydrogen bomb, some nuclear weapons experts were downplaying the event because of its low-kiloton yield and relatively small seismic wave.

In fact, the White House said the results from various monitors simply weren’t consistent with a hydrogen bomb, which can be far more powerful than an atomic bomb.

But one top specialist says the monitor results and North Korea’s claims align fully with the scenario of a device designed for a low yield, yet emitting an enhanced amount of gamma rays.

Peter Pry, an expert on electromagnetic pulse weapons, told WND the explosion indeed was such a device.

Pry said Pyongyang’s latest test, which followed three others each in the range of 10 kilotons or less, was “another kind of H-Bomb,” a neutron bomb, or enhanced radiation weapon such as a super-EMP weapon.

Such weapons constitute, essentially, a “very low-yield H-Bomb that typically has yields of 1-10 kilotons, just like the North Korean device,” he said.

North Korea has been conducting underground nuclear tests since February 2013, all of which have been of low-kiloton yield.

Pry previously has warned that Pyongyang was working on a low-yield radiation bomb with very high emissions of gamma rays.

A year ago, Pry told WND that North Korea was working on such a device, but that the Obama administration denied it had developed miniaturized nuclear warheads and missiles to deliver them.

The denial, Pry said, came despite an assessment by both the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency that such do indeed exist.

“President Obama himself began this big lie amidst the 2013 nuclear crisis when North Korea was threatening to make nuclear missile strikes against the U.S. and its allies,” Pry said.

Pry is a former analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency and a former staff director of the congressionally mandated EMP commission that examined the likely effects of an EMP on the U.S. national grid system and unprotected electronics. He also is the executive director of the congressional advisory Task Force on National and Homeland Security and the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum.

Pry, like other experts on EMP, was concerned that the North Koreans could launch a missile with a satellite that could constitute a nuclear device designed to explode on command at a high altitude over a highly populated area of a highly technical society such as the United States.

Such an explosion would be capable of knocking out the nation’s already vulnerable electrical grid system and all of the life-sustaining critical infrastructures that depend on it. From food supply chains, fuel supply systems, communications, banking and more, all grid-dependent systems could suffer.

Pry is author of the recent book, “Blackout Wars,” which focuses on EMP-related lessons learned and what the several states are doing on their own initiative, “because of Washington’s lethargy in dealing with this existential threat,” according to former Ambassador Henry F. Cooper, who was the first director of the Strategic Defense Initiative under former President George H. W. Bush.

“It should be understood that the challenge is almost entirely political – technical solutions have been known for a half century and expected expenses are relatively minor,” Cooper said.

North Korea said it had detonated an underground hydrogen bomb, drawing immediate condemnation from the United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea and even China, which until now was thought to have some influence over the North Korean leadership.

However, China was apparently not advised of the detonation beforehand.

North Korea’s KCNA website made the announcement that it had tested a “miniaturized” hydrogen bomb “in the most perfect manner.”

“(North Korean leader) Kim Jong-un could be telling the truth,” Pry told G2Bulletin. “Indeed, all four North Korean nuclear tests look like a super-EMP weapon because of their very low yield. That the ‘Dear Leader’ described the latest test as an H-Bomb is further evidence that North Korea’s mysterious nuke is a super-EMP warhead.”

Pry was referring to a so-called enhanced radiation weapon, or neutron bomb, designed to generate enhanced gamma rays which in turn cause the super-EMP effect.

An H-bomb of identical explosive yield of a fission, or atomic, bomb is a neutron bomb that will emit some 10 times the amount of neutron radiation. In an atomic device, the total radiation pulse energy composed of gamma rays and neutrons is only 5 percent of the entire energy released.

In a neutron bomb, it is closer to 40 percent. In addition, the neutrons emitted by a neutron bomb have a much higher average energy level than those released during a fission reaction.

North Korea previously has threatened the U.S. with a nuclear attack, broadcasting dramatized videos of such attacks on the U.S. Capitol and the White House.

Pyongyang, through its KCNA website, also said it will continue developing nuclear weapons until the U.S. drops its “vicious, hostile” policy to isolate the Hermit Kingdom.

“The U.S. is a gang of cruel robbers which has worked hard to bring even a nuclear disaster to the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea), not content with having imposed the thrice-cursed and unheard-of political isolation, economic blockade and military pressure on it for the mere reason that it has differing ideology and social system,” according to the KCNA statement.

“The present-day grim reality clearly proves once again the immutable truth that one’s destiny should be defended by one’s own efforts,” the statement added. “Nothing is more foolish than dropping a hunting gun before herds of ferocious wolves.”

A War on Christianity
Jan 7th, 2016
Berit Kjos - Excerpts
Categories: Contemporary Issues

Humanism has paved the way for the New Age, but most of us didn’t notice. Just as termites can chew away at a home’s foundation for decades before the damage shows, so humanist educators have sought to undermine the public school system. Suddenly we had to face the fact that many schools teach goals and values that contradict biblical values. And the humanist-oriented educational establishment promotes its beliefs as aggressively as any other religious group. Listen to their war cry:

The battle for humankind’s future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceive their role as the proselytizers of a new faith: a religion of humanity that recognizes and respects the spark of what theologians call divinity in every human being.

These teachers must embody the same selfless dedication as the most rabid fundamentalist preachers, for they will be ministers of another sort, utilizing a classroom instead of a pulpit to convey humanist values in whatever subject they teach, regardless of the educational level—preschool, day care, or large state university. The classroom must and will become an arena of conflict between the old and the new—the rotting corpse of Christianity, together with all its adjacent evils and misery, and the new faith of humanism, resplendent in its promise of a world in which the never-realized Christian ideal of ‘love thy neighbor” will finally be achieved.

American philosopher and educator John Dewey kindled the fire of educational reform. The first president of the American Humanist Association, Dewey was determined to weed out Christian absolutes and reseed with “truths” that could adjust to changing cultures. The Humanist Manifesto, which Dewey signed in 1933, declares the heart of the movement. This is part of its introduction:

There is great danger of a final, and we believe fatal, identification of the word religion with doctrines and methods which have lost their significance and which are powerless to solve the problem of human living in the Twentieth Century . . . Any religion that can hope to be a synthesizing and dynamic force for today, must be shaped for the needs of this age. To establish such a religion is a major necessity of the present.

Without the 3.2 million-member National Education Association, considered one of the nation’s most powerful political machines, Dewey’s ideas might have been confined to university campuses. Supported by the NEA, comprised of textbook writers and superintendents as well as professors and public school teachers, Dewey’s vision spread like wildfire. Through its militant leadership, the whole educational system became involved—with or without the personal support of local educators, many of whom didn’t realize what was happening.

Few textbooks have escaped the watchful eye of NEA censors, who have doggedly followed Dewey’s plan to provide a “purified environment for the child.” Historical facts that clashed with “progressive education” have been distorted or erased. The NEA has sought total control of curriculum content, control of teachers’ colleges, and sex education, free from parental interference. Though a high percentage of American teachers consider themselves moderate or conservative, the NEA supports abortion on demand (without parental consent), preferential treatment of homosexuals, and teaching evolution, while omitting creationism from the classroom.

One book, Censorship: Evidence of Bias in Our Children’s Textbooks, unveils some alarming facts. Christianity, family values, and certain political and economic positions have been systematically banished from children’s textbooks. For example, in 670 stories from third-and sixth-grade readers:

No story features Christian or Jewish religious motivation, although one story does make American Indian religion the central theme in the life of a white girl.

Almost no story features marriage or motherhood as important or positive. . . . But there are many aggressively feminist stories that openly deride manhood.

In an original story by Isaac Bashevis Singer, the main character prayed “to God” and later remarked “Thank God.” In the story as presented in the sixth-grade reader, the words “to God” were taken out and the expression “Thank God” was changed to “Thank goodness.”

While some elementary history textbooks still tell about Thanksgiving, they do not explain to whom the Pilgrims gave thanks. Pilgrims were defined as “people who make long trips.” The Pueblo Natives “can pray to Mother Earth—but Pilgrims can’t be described as praying to God.” Overt attacks on Christianity through distortion, depreciation, and ridicule have caused even more damage than omissions. Many of the books students are required to read refer to boring church services, self-righteous ministers, and lustful evangelists. One psychology text equated the historical Jesus with mythological gods:

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