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True wisdom; listening to the words Jesus spoke
Aug 18th, 2013
Thought For The Week
A. W. Tozer
Categories: Commentary;Exhortation

In the world of men we find nothing approaching the virtues of which Jesus spoke in the opening words of the famous Sermon on the Mount. Instead of poverty of spirit we find the rankest kind of pride; instead of meekness, arrogance, instead of mourners we find pleasure seekers; instead of hunger after righteousness we hear men saying, "I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing;" Instead of mercy we find cruelty; instead of purity of heart, corrupt imaginings; instead of peacemakers we find men quarrelsome and resentful; instead of rejoicing in mistreatment we find them fighting back with every weapon at their command!

Into a world like this the sound of Jesus' words comes wonderful and strange, a visitation from above. It is well that He spoke, for no-one else could have done it as well; and it is good that we listen, for His words are the essence of truth.

Jesus does not offer an opinion for He never uttered opinions. He never guessed; He knew, and He knows! His words are not as Solomon's were, the sum of sound wisdom or the results of keen observation. He spoke out of the fullness of His Godhead, and His words are very Truth itself. He is the only one who could say "blessed" with complete authority for He is the Blessed One come from the world above to confer blessedness upon mankind.

Best of all, His words were supported by deeds mightier than any performed on this earth by another man.

It is wisdom for us to listen! A.W.Tozer

Many therefore of His disciples, when they heard this, said: "This is an hard saying, who can hear it?" (John 6:60)

Putin Acts in Support of Egyptian Military
Aug 18th, 2013
Daily News
Categories: Today's Headlines;Contemporary Issues

Russian President Vladimir Putin called an extraordinary session at the Kremlin Saturday to “discuss the situation in Egypt and take the necessary steps to the put Russian military facilities at the Egyptian military's disposal,” said an announcement in Moscow, without elaborating. Putin said further that “Russia will arrange for joint military exercises with the Egyptian army.” DEBKAfile: Moscow’s steps directly conflict with Western condemnation of the Egyptian military’s crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood. They were taken shortly after President Barack Obama cancelled a joint military exercise with Egypt as a mark of US disapproval.

Let the Headlines Speak
Aug 18th, 2013
Daily News
From the Internet
Categories: Today's Headlines;Contemporary Issues

IDF strikes Syrian army post following mortar shells falling on Golan
The IDF fired a Tamuz surface-to-surface missile at a Syrian army post on Saturday, after several Syrian mortar shells exploded in the Golan Heights. The Tamuz - a guided missile - accurately struck its target. Earlier on Saturday, Syrian shells fell in open areas on the Golan Heights, near the Israeli-Syrian border. No injuries or damages were reported.  

US House Majority Leader Cantor: America should not cut aid to Egypt
Now is not the time for the US to cut off military assistance to Egypt, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) told The Jerusalem Post on Friday. Cantor, heading a 28-member Republican congressional delegation on a one-week trip to Israel that concluded on Saturday night, said that US military assistance to Egypt was “obviously strategically important for a number of reasons.”  

Radioactive Water Leaking From Fukushima: Why Millions Of Lives Are At Stake
In lieu of the Japanese government doing the right thing and finally coming clean about the epic environmental catastrophe that is Fukushima, which it hopes to simply dig under the rug even as the inconvenient reality gets worse and thousands of tons of radioactive water make their way into the ocean, one is forced to rely on third-party sources for information on this tragedy.  

Syrian Rebels Kill 11, Mainly Christians, in Checkpoint Attack
Syrian rebels killed at least 11 people, including civilians, in an attack on a checkpoint west of the city of Homs on Saturday that official state media described as a massacre.  

Massive Flooding Hits Russia's Far East
The worst flooding in more than a century is ravaging Russia's Far East, displacing thousands near the Amur River, which forms the border with northeastern China. Russian authorities say 17,000 people had been evacuated by Saturday, and warned that figure could reach 100,000 in the coming days.  

Mexican army captures leader of Gulf cartel
The leader of the Gulf cartel, one of Mexico's oldest drug-running organizations, was captured by the Mexican army Saturday, officials said, dealing a new blow to a decades-old enterprise whose power has waned in recent years with the rise of other criminal groups.  

Lawyer: Cleric cleared in Pakistan blasphemy case
A Pakistani court on Saturday dismissed charges against a cleric who accused a young Christian girl of blasphemy and who was arrested last year for allegedly forging evidence against her, his lawyer said.  

Sunni leader: Hezbollah dragging Lebanon into war
One of Lebanon's most powerful Sunni politicians accused the leader of the Shiite militant group Hezbollah on Saturday of dragging the country further into neighboring Syria's civil war.  

Iran has 18,000 uranium centrifuges, says outgoing nuclear chief
Iran has installed 18,000 uranium-enrichment centrifuges, the country's outgoing nuclear chief was quoted as saying by Iranian media on Saturday. The U.S. and its Western allies are pressing Iran to curb its uranium enrichment program, which they suspect is aimed at developing a nuclear weapons capability, but Iran refuses and insists its nuclear activity is for purely peaceful purposes.  

Iran’s Nuclear Chief Confirms Iran Has 18,000 Centrifuges
Aug 18th, 2013
Daily News
Categories: Today's Headlines;Warning

Fereydoon Abbasi Davani, Iran’s outgoing atomic agency director, confirmed Saturday that from July 23, Iran’s nuclear program had 18,000 first generation centrifuges (for enriching uranium), with more than 10,000 active and 7,000 ready to start work. He spoke at the ceremony for handing over his job to Ali Akbar Salehi, the tough former senior Iranian negotiator with the world powers. DEBKAfile: These figures, which confirm the data released by the UN nuclear watchdog, mean that Iran has passed the red line posted by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu last September.

Egypt’s Copts Targeted By Islamists in 10 Out of 27 Provinces
Aug 18th, 2013
Daily News
Categories: Today's Headlines;Contemporary Issues

Since Aug. 14, Islamists have attacked 25 churches, community centers, schools and shops in 10 out of Egypt’s 27 provinces. The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights also reports that several dozen Christian civilians were killed in what were apparently orchestrated events. On Thursday, 84 people, several members of the Muslim Brotherhood among them, were taken to a military court for anti-Christian acts of violence in Suez.

2,700 - Year-old Pottery Found in City of David
Aug 18th, 2013
Daily News
INN - Shlomo Pyutrokovski
Categories: Today's Headlines;Archaeology

Archaeologists working in the Gihon Spring area in the City of David in Jerusalem have discovered many ancient artifacts, including pottery shards, clay candle holders, and figurines dating back to the times of the First and Second Temples.

One recently discovered item has aroused particular interest: a pottery shard dating back to the First Temple period that includes part of a phrase etched into its rim. The writing may indicate proof of the existence of a Biblical figure.

The partial phrase reads “...ryahu ben Benaya,” a possible reference to the prophet Yecheziel ben Zaharyahu ben Benaya, who is mentioned in the Biblical book of Chronicles 2, in chapter 20, verse 14. However, because the writing is incomplete, the full name cannot be verified.

The archaeologists who discovered the pottery shard have dated it to 2,700 years ago – some time between the kingdom of Hezekiah and the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BCE during the reign of King Zedekiah.

Archaeologists have previously found writing in the same area, on pottery as well as in the form of stamps and etchings in stone. Some writing has revealed names, including Gamaryahu ben Shafan (a family mentioned in the biblical texts as well) and Benayahu ben-Hoshayahu.

The shard will go on display on Thursday of this week as part of the 14th City of David Research Exhibition.

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