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World Ignores Myanmar Persecution of Christians
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Categories: Persecution

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The world press, the United Nations and even the Pope have closely followed the campaign in Myanmar of the genocide of ethnic Rohingya Muslims, but there has been little coverage given to the persecution of Christians within Myanmar. 

A group known as the United Wa State Army (UWSA) has carried out the destruction of 3 churches in addition to the seizure and stripping of 52 more churches this year and is still holding 92 Christians hostage until they agree to sign a pledge not to practice their religion. 

More than a hundred already have already signed. UWSA is a rebel faction that enjoys the tacit approval of the central government in its fight against other rebel factions, but which has turned its attention recently on eradicating Christianity in Myanmar instead of warring directly with other factions. 

The UWSA is the military of the ruling party now in charge of Wa state and is also the area's largest ethnic group, but its efforts against Christians are taking place in neighboring Shan State. 

The Lahu Baptist Convention, based in Eastern Shan State, has published accounts of forcible recruiting of at least 41 students by the UWSA. The abductions of both young men and women happened in Bible study classes in churches in Shan State. The areas in which the UWSA is conducting its campaign of repression are now cut off and travel is difficult to impossible.

Rev. Dr. Lazarus, a spokesman for the Lahu Baptist Convention said in the group's press release, "We are very worried about our members who have been detained because we have lost contact with them. We heard that when they were taken, they were not allowed to take their clothes with them. The weather in Mong Pauk is cold."

The UWSA has declared in a broad statement on September 6th that all churches constructed after 1989 are illegal and must be surrendered or demolished. The army has called for the expulsion of foreigners, investigations into teachers, missionaries and clergy and demanded that all religious leader be locals who have the permission of the Wa ruling party. 

This statement was followed by a wave of violence against Christians and the outright destruction of at least three churches and the seizure of others, some of which were converted into police stations.

The indefinite detention of leaders in the Christian community is justified, according to UWSA spokesman Nyi Rang, because there are "extremists" present in their community. Officials have issued an outright ban on Christians assembling or praying in churches and in the city of Mong Pauk, Wa officials warned Christians not to practice their faith even at home.

Locals believe that the Christians who have been detained are currently imprisoned in the UWSA army fortifications in Mong Maw. Tat Jack, a local resident and a Christian whose family is in detention, told

journalists, "My uncle is a preacher. He and his son were detained in early September, but we are not allowed to visit them. We also heard that many members of the Christian community there are detained." Those who have been detained for practicing Christianity and later released, even the women, have had their heads shaved as a warning to others in the Christian community. 

With dozens of churches shut down and hundreds of Christians still in detention with many more already arrested and released, an air of fear hangs over Shan State in Myanmar. Despite the nascent campaign of arrest and torture, no deaths have been reported yet in this quickly escalating cycle of violence. 

But the signs are the same everywhere Christians suffer persecution and they are unmistakable:label preachers as extremists, target foreigners, declare churches illegal and arrest Christians.Next comes mass disappearances followed by burned villages and open murders.

While this campaign has been carried about by the UWSA rebel group, the Myanmar military itself has itself destroyed or converted churches, bombing or demolishing 40 over the past 18 months in the Kachin province and turning another 20 into Buddhist pagodas. 

Myanmar is a dictatorship and Christians are perceived as a threat to dictators and warlords. They see in the Word of God a challenge to the absolute power that they seek on Earth. Christianity is labeled as "extremism" and prayer has becomes, to the Communist regime, an act of insurrection. 

If you want to help the Christians in Myanmar, pray and spread the word. Let people know that Christians are suffering from repression that is fast approaching genocide. If enough people wake up now, if enough eyes are on the UWSA and Myanmar military, maybe the killings can be averted.

The Two - State Paradigm is Over
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Categories: The Nation Of Israel

News Image

U.S. President Donald Trump raised eyebrows recently during a joint press conference in New York with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he backtracked on previous positions he held regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying, "I like a two-state solution. That's what I think works best ... That's my feeling."

Those comments by Trump stood in stark contrast with remarks by the president earlier in his administration, when he said in a meeting in the White House with Netanyahu in February 2017 that he supports whatever solution the two parties decide. "I am looking at two-state, and one-state, and I like the one that both parties like. I'm very happy with the one that both parties like."

Nevertheless, Trump quickly backtracked on his remarks last month in New York.

Clarifying his recent comment, Trump explained, "One of the reporters who was screaming asked me about the one state, two-state, and I said I think the two states will happen."

Trump emphasized that he places the ultimate decision in the hands of the parties. "The bottom line is that if the Israelis and Palestinians want two states, I'm OK with that; if they want one state I'm OK with that. I'm the broker."

The comments came amid speculation regarding the release of his administration's highly anticipated Middle East peace plan, which the president has called the "deal of the century." Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, along with special envoy for Mideast negotiation Jason Greenblatt, have traveled to the region numerous times as part of developing their plan.

But experts who have followed the process closely question the feasibility of a comprehensive plan from the Trump administration, including whether or not a two-state solution could come to fruition in the current climate.

A century-long rejection of the two-state solution

Efraim Inbar, president of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies, told JNS, "It's not up to the president."

He views the idea of a Palestinian state as one that is improbable, at least for the time being. "The Palestinians are incapable of building a state," he said. "The main criteria of a state is the monopoly of control over use of force, and they have lost this monopoly. They cannot sustain state structures."

Turning to the region, Inbar pointed out that a number of Arab countries are failing, and suggested that perhaps the Palestinians would not fair better. "Look at Libya, Syria and Iraq," said Inbar. "They have great difficulty in just maintaining a state!"

Efraim Karsh, director of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, is more skeptical than Trump and agrees with Inbar.

He told JNS that "neither option seems to be on the cards since the one-state solution is unthinkable for Israel, whereas the two-state solution has been categorically rejected by the Palestinians. The 'one-state solution,' which has been the Arab position since the 1930s, envisages the transformation of Palestine into an Arab/Muslim state in which Jews will be reduced to a position of permanent 'tolerated minority' [or dhimmis, second-class citizens, as this status has been known throughout Islamic history]. Obviously, this option, which means the destruction of the State of Israel, is unacceptable for Israeli Jews."

Karsh decried the common misperception that Israel's rightful presence in Judea and Samaria perpetuates the Arab-Israeli conflict. "The left-wing fearmongering that Israel is rapidly sliding to this situation due to its continued 'occupation' of the territories is a red herring for the simple reason that since the beginning of 1996--and certainly following the completion of the redeployment from Hebron in January 1997--there has been no occupation. 

Rather, 99 percent of the Palestinian population of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip have lived the rule of the Palestinian Authority [and Hamas in Gaza since 2007]. Under no circumstances will Israel agree to reassume control of this population, let alone make it fully-fledged Israeli citizens."

Karsh emphasized that it is continued Palestinian rejectionism that lies at the root of the problem. "On the other hand, while a de facto two-, or rather, three-state solution has effectively existed for quite some time--Hamas's Gaza state since 2007, the Palestinian Authority-controlled Areas A & B in the West Bank, and Israel--the Palestinians are certain to continue using the red herring of 'occupation' so long as Israel exists. 

For while most Western observers apply the term 'occupation' to Israel's control of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, captured during the June 1967 war, for Palestinians and Arabs, the Israeli presence in these territories represents only the latest chapter in an uninterrupted story of 'occupations' dating back to the very creation of Israel on 'stolen' land. Hence, their century-long rejection of the two-state solution."

"It doesn't matter what the international community wants," stressed Inbar. "The Palestinians are incapable of having a state. Soon, there will be a violent struggle over who will be the next leader of the Palestinian Authority. It's a moot question. The two-state paradigm is over. I don't know what the alternative is, but we will not see a Palestinian state."

He added that there is "growing skepticism" around the world of the Palestinians' ability even to create and sustain an independent state.

For Inbar, Israel would be better off not intensely pursuing a one-state or two-state solution that would just introduce more complications, especially if the Palestinians do not intend to live in peace alongside Israel.

"Sometimes," he said, "ambiguity serves us better than a clear solution."

The Rising Threat of a Global Pandemic
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News Image

One hundred years ago, the world struggled against a relentless enemy - H1N1, also known as the Spanish Flu. Rising from the trenches of World War I, it spread to every corner of the globe in 1918 and 1919 - even remote Pacific islands. What made it especially deadly is more than half its victims were healthy adults between the ages of 20 and 40. The virus turned their healthy immune systems against them. 

They died terrible, gruesome deaths. And when the global pandemic finally came to an end, it had taken more lives than the Great War itself. Estimates say between 50 and 100 million people died - about 3% to 6 % of the world population.

Since then, we've avoided a similar outbreak. We've faced scares from bird flu, swine flu, Ebola, and other diseases, but we've avoided a global pandemic. Some of this is because of what we've done. We have better knowledge of how viruses and bacteria spread. We know how to quarantine areas, disinfect treatment centers, and provide more effective medical care. 

But the number one reason we've avoided a global plague is luck. That's right. Since 1918, we've been just plain lucky. And unless we develop a cure for infectious disease, our luck will soon run out. 

World Travel

One reason our luck will run out is our love for international travel. Crossing borders today is more common than it was a century ago. Past generations didn't travel like we do. Most lived their whole lives within a short distance of where they were born. International travel was extremely rare. But today? Today, anyone can fly from one side of the earth to the other in less than a day. And many do just that.

According to World Bank data, since 1970 alone, the number of airline passengers carried has increased more than 12-fold from 310 million passenger flights to 3.98 billion. Even people who don't travel the globe often commute or vacation over long distances. All this travel makes the spread of disease much more likely. 

Containing an outbreak is nearly impossible in today's world, where borders are fluid and commerce moves at light speed. Throw in a new generation of viruses and bacteria, and our world of open borders is more vulnerable to a pandemic than ever before.

The Threat of Mutating Viruses

Since the 1918 pandemic, our knowledge of the flu has vastly increased. We have vaccines. We have plans and procedures for responding to outbreaks. We have antiviral drugs for treatment. But vaccines aren't perfect. We make them based on what flu strains we think will strike in any given year. Because of this, their effectiveness wildly varies. The flu is constantly adapting, and new strains can jump from animals to humans. Because of this constant change, it's impossible to develop a single vaccine to stop the flu. 

Further complicating matters, some strains can easily move from one infected person to another. For example, the 1918 Spanish Flu infected one-third of the people on the planet. Fortunately, it only killed around one in ten people. Imagine if it had been one in three? Or one in two? 

Tens of millions more would have died. Each year that passes without a global pandemic is a huge blessing. Nevertheless, we forget how vulnerable we are. For instance, think about this - last winter, more than 80,000 Americans died from the flu. This wasn't a global pandemic, just a normal flu season. Yet it killed twice as many Americans as auto accidents.

The Threat of "Super" Bacteria

While the threat of a devastating and contagious virus has always loomed large, an equally serious threat has emerged in recent years - "super bacteria." Ironically, this threat is the result of decades of successfully fighting bacterial infections with antibiotics. Doctors have overprescribed antibiotics, and patients haven't always taken them correctly. 

Over time, these antibiotics have killed weaker bacteria, leaving resistant bacteria to multiply. This has led the World Health Organization to label antibiotic resistance a "fundamental threat" to humanity.

Government agencies and other organizations have banded together to fight and contain the threat. But failure to solve the problem could lead to a nightmare scenario where antibiotic-resistant bacteria become commonplace and impossible to treat. If so, the new "post-antibiotic era" will see patients die from once easily treated infections. Think it can't happen? In some cases, we're already there.

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria already infect 2,000,000 Americans and kill more than 23,000 each year. In August, a deadly super bacteria called the "New Delhi" bacteria infected hundreds of people in Poland. Resistant to all known antibiotics, it can quickly lead to sepsis and death. In April, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention warned that "nightmare bacteria" with the power to resist antibiotics are appearing all across the United States. 

According to a 2016 Wellcome Trust report titled "Evidence for Action on Antimicrobial Resistance," the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria "threatens a return to the pre-antibiotic era of untreatable infections." The report estimates the number of annual deaths from antibiotic resistance is 700,000 worldwide, and the number could rise to 10,000,000 by the year 2050. Make no mistake. This is a global problem. With each passing day, the threat of a global pandemic continues to rise. In fact, unless a solution is developed soon, one is inevitable.

What the Bible Says

None of this should come as a surprise. When His followers asked Jesus about the signs of His coming, He told them what to look for. Among those signs, He mentioned "pestilence" (Luke 21:11). So what is pestilence? 

Merriam-Webster defines it as "a contagious or infectious epidemic disease that is virulent and devastating." Jesus said pestilence and other signs will appear like "birth pains" (Matthew 24:8), meaning they will increase in frequency and intensity in the time leading up to His return. 

So as the end approaches, we should expect infectious disease outbreaks to occur more frequently, impact more people, and be more deadly. But all is not lost. When these things happen, you can be confident time is running short. Jesus is coming. And when He does, He will usher in a new world where there's no more death or crying or sorrow or pain (Revelation 21:4). Amen, Lord Jesus - come!

Lgbt Activists Overplay Their Hand - A Win in the Courts for Religious Freedom
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Categories: Contemporary Issues

News Image

On January 9, 2015, I wrote an article titled, "The Mayor of Atlanta Declares War on Religious Freedom." Now, more than three-and-a-half years later, sanity has prevailed and religious freedoms have been preserved. Atlanta must pay up.

The case involved Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran, a man who had served the city of Atlanta for more than 30 years, working with distinction and without blemish. But when he self-published a 160 page book for use in his home church, gay activists rose up against him, demanding that he be fired.

What was his crime?

On his own time and on his own dime, he dared to write a book which contained a few lines - yes, just a few lines - speaking against homosexual practice. (And note that he spoke against other sexual sins as well, based on Scripture.)

According to Cochran, he did this with proper clearance from his authorities, even giving a copy to the mayor, who, Cochran claims, promised to read it.

But at the behest of LGBT activists, Cochran was first suspended for 30 days without pay (seriously!), ordered to go to sensitivity training, then fired.

To add insult to the injury and madness to the circus, Mayor Kasim Reed then explained that Cochran was fired because, "We will not discriminate on the basis of race or gender or religion or creed or sexual orientation or physical ability or gender identity."

This is a line to make George Orwell proud: "Because we will not discriminate based on religion, we are firing you because of your religious beliefs!"

Thankfully, sanity has prevailed and religious liberty has been preserved. As the Daily Wire reported,

The initial ruling in Cochran's favor came back in December, 2017. Now, the city council "agreed to pay out $1.2 million to the former chief for damages and attorneys' fees." (Cochran was represented by the ADF, which has been on the front lines of major religious freedoms victories in recent years.)

In the words of ADF attorney Kevin Theriot, "The government can't force its employees to get its permission before they engage in free speech. It also can't fire them for exercising that First Amendment freedom, causing them to lose both their freedom and their livelihoods."

Precisely so.

The outrage is that this happened in the first place. The outrage is that anyone thought they had the power or right to terminate Cochran for his biblically-based, religious beliefs. And remember: At no point was there a single charge of discrimination brought against him. In other words, he treated all his employees and colleagues in a proper and professional manner.

The issue was what he believed about homosexual practice. And the city of Atlanta had the gall to tell him, "If you hold to these beliefs and express these beliefs, you cannot work for us."

To repeat: That is a Constitutional outrage.

But around the world, similar outrages are occurring.

Most recently, the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, announced that new legislation would "make it clear that no student of a non-state school should be expelled on the basis of their sexuality."

In other words, a Christian school (or, any religious school) in Australia cannot require its students to live by its moral and religious code.

This is beyond chilling, as once again, gay rights trump religious rights.

Thankfully, in America, there continues to be a pushback against the all-out attack on our First Amendment rights. Rights which are foundational to the well-being of our nation. Rights which have formed the very warp and woof of our country since our inception.

To lose those rights is to lose our freedoms. To lose those rights is to forfeit our liberty and descend into ever-increasing captivity and bondage.

But all is not lost, and Kelvin Cochran's victory is a victory for us all.

And, the truth be told, his victory is not an attack on those who identify as LGBT. He should not have been fired in the first place, and the Bible says what is says. People can accept that or reject that by their own choice. Those are the freedoms we enjoy.

Back in 2003, I noted in one of my sermons that, "The heightened moral crisis in society, led especially by the homosexual agenda, . . . will produce a holy backlash."

It's taken a while, but as LGBT activists continue to overplay their hand, that holy backlash has increased as well. May it abound and grow until sanity and freedom prevail across the land.

Let the Headlines Speak
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Daily News
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Graham laments ‘what’s happened to Democratic Party
Rev. Franklin Graham is in a quandary as to what has become of the Democratic Party – especially with its frequently exposed anti-God and anti-America agenda. “In drafting the original platform, Democratic leaders had removed references to God – and to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. They didn’t merely forget to mention God – in updating previous party platforms, they made a conscious decision to remove Him.”

The US is seeing a deadly shift in tornado activity — and scientists aren’t sure why
Tornado activity is increasing most in Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa and parts of Ohio and Michigan,…

US forces kill 60 Somali terrorists in largest airstrike this year
This week, the U.S. Military revealed their latest airstrike in Somalia was the largest carried out in a year, and about 60 terrorists were killed. The strike was carried out on Friday in conjunction with the Somalian government and killed an estimated 60 al-Shabaab terrorists in Haradere, Somalia – the largest airstrike since a Nov. 21, 2017 attack that killed 100 terrorists, according to a statement by U.S. Africa Command on Tuesday.

Security Cabinet: Rules of the game have changed
Air strikes against terror targets in Gaza, intensifying IDF’s response to breaching attempts and launching of incendiary balloons while showing containment are presented as operational plans at Cabinet meeting; DM Lieberman’s suggestion to take more aggressive approach is rejected.

State trying to silence pastor upset over abortion for 13-year-old
A lawsuit accuses the Department of Children’s Services in Tennessee of violating free speech, petition and establishment-clause rights by seeking a court order to shut down a website exposing the agency’s facilitation of an abortion for a 13-year-old against her parents’ wishes. Attorney Van Irion filed suit in federal court on behalf of the pastor of the teen’s family, Mark Carr, who created the Johnathan’s Law website to expose the agency’s actions.

‘This is catastrophic for Democrats’
The AP reported the settlement was between Debora Nearman, who works for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the state’s Service Employees International Union. The report said the case marks “the first refund of forced fees since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in late June that government workers can’t be required to contribute to labor groups.”

FBI sat on Hillary emails for month, says Judicial Watch
FBI agents knew there were hundreds of thousands of Hillary Clinton emails on a laptop belonging to the husband of top aide Huma Abedin weeks before they notified Congress, which was investigating the email scandal at the time, a new cache of documents obtained by Judicial Watch reveals. The Washington watchdog said Wednesday it the new documents show the FBI “didn’t even bother to look at the emails, and then again only partially, for weeks.”

‘Game change’ coming in Israeli response to Gaza terror, Gallant says 
Housing Minister and former IDF Southern Commander Yoav Gallant hinted on Thursday that Israel will carry out a stronger response against Hamas in the Gaza strip. “I do not refer to the content of the cabinet discussions, but I can say one thing very explicitly – The game is about to change. We will no longer accept the fire terror,” Gallant said.

Turkey’s top oil refiner appeals to U.S for waiver from Iran sanctions 
Turkey’s top refiner, Tupras, is in talks with US officials to obtain a waiver allowing it to keep buying Iranian oil after Washington reinstates sanctions on the Islamic Republic’s energy sector… The United States is preparing to impose the new sanctions on Iran’s oil industry after Washington withdrew from a nuclear deal between Tehran and other global powers earlier this year, but is also considering offering waivers to some allies that rely on Iranian supplies.

Crimea attack: Kerch students left with horrific bomb injuries
Students have been left with horrific injuries after a bomb went off at a college in Crimea and a gunman killed 20 people with a rifle. The killer has been named as Vladislav Roslyakov by Russia, which annexed Crimea in 2014. Fifteen fellow students and five teachers died at Kerch technical college. Ten victims are in intensive care; some have had limbs amputated.

Israeli companies to secure UN forces in Africa
In a move deemed by Israel as a vote of confidence, the United Nations recently signed purchase agreements worth tens of millions of shekels with Israeli companies specializing in security and water services. In light of the deteriorating security situation that has severely affected UN aid workers operating in dozens of locations in Africa…the organization decided to launch an emergency tender in order to purchase defense systems for UN bases.

Deputy DM: Iron Dome to be deployed in Be’er Sheva area 
Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan stated…that the Iron Dome battery will probably be deployed in the Be’er Sheva area during the upcoming days, following the rocket fire that hit a home in Be’er Sheva and the water off the coast of a central Israeli city. Ben-Dahan was asked…whether one of the Iron Dome batteries deployed in the south of the country sustained a malfunction, leading to the destruction of the house in the southern city.

As tensions mount, Mattis seeks more resilient U.S. ties with China’s military
U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told his Chinese counterpart on Thursday that the world’s two largest economies needed to deepen high-level ties so as to navigate tension and rein in the risk of inadvertent conflict. Mattis saw firsthand last month how mounting Sino-U.S. friction can undermine military contacts when Beijing up-ended plans for him to travel to China in October to meet Defense Minister Wei Fenghe.

Defying US, UN gives ‘Palestine’ extra rights so it can head major bloc in 2019 
The General Assembly on Tuesday voted by an overwhelming majority to temporarily grant the “State of Palestine” additional rights and privileges, allowing it to head the biggest bloc of developing countries at the United Nations.

France hit by worst flash floods in 100 years – Collapsed bridge
An aerial view shows a collapsed bridge in the city of Villegailhenc, near Carcassonne, southern France following heavy rains that saw rivers bursting banks.

What would Jesus do? Donate your organs
The death of Jesus has been portrayed countless times in many famous movies, from “Ben Hur” and “The Gospel of John” to “The Passion of the Christ.” But now, a controversial ad is showing the Son of God agreeing to become an organ donor while he’s being crucified.

Burger King Launches Demonic ‘Nightmare King’ Whopper Scientifically Proven To Increase Your Terrifying Dreams By 350 Percent
BK created this disgusting barf burger to not just offend you visually and physically, but with the goal of attacking you in your dreams while you sleep. Lest you think we are overstating our point, you should know that Burger King hired a sleep diagnostic services company to verify that your nightmares will increase a minimum of 350% after ingesting their putrid concoction.

Levi Strauss & Co. To Donate $1 Million+ To Anti-Gun Groups
The president and CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., Chip Bergh, has announced that the iconic company, “a pioneer of the American West,” will donate more than $1 million to gun-control groups to help end “America’s gun violence epidemic,” a step the NRA denounced as a “particularly sad episode in the current surge in corporate virtue-signaling.”

$13,799,501 Federal Contract Requires UC San Francisco to Obtain Aborted-Baby Parts to Humanize Mice
A federal contract that the National Institutes of Health signed with the University of California at San Francisco requires UCSF to obtain body parts from unborn babies to make at least two types of “humanized mice,” according to “the statement of work” included in the contract solicitation published by NIH.

Honduran Migrant Caravan EXPLODES to 4,000 People as it Approaches Mexico-Guatemala Border
On Wednesday, the caravan of mostly Honduran migrants exploded to a whopping 4,000 people as it approached the Mexico-Guatemala border, despite President Trump’s warnings to cut off U.S. aid.

Dem Operative For Soros-Funded Group Arrested For ‘Battery’ Against Republican Campaign Manager in Nevada
Thank you Eric Holder and Maxine Waters. Wilfred Michael Stark III, 50, a Democrat operative funded by George Soros, was arrested Tuesday after a Nevada Republican campaign manager accused him of grabbing her arm and refusing to let go.

The Story Of David And Goliath Gets Archaeological Evidence Backing It Up
Scoffers beware: the Biblical tale of David and Goliath just got more real than ever, thanks to an archaeological discovery that fits the Biblical description of Goliath’s armor.

Rep. Gaetz Sounds the Alarm After Footage Surfaces of Women & Children Given Cash to Join Honduran Caravan to Storm U.S. Border
On Wednesday, the caravan of mostly Honduran migrants exploded to a whopping 4,000 people as it approached the Mexico-Guatemala border, despite President Trump’s warnings to cut off U.S. aid.

Trump-Bashing Puerto Rico Mayor Raided by FBI Over Corruption Allegations
FBI agents raided the offices of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz on Tuesday, looking for evidence of corruption within the city’s government by the Trump-bashing official.

China To Launch Artificial Moon Into Orbit And Replace Street Lights By 2020
China is to launch an artificial moon into space in an attempt to illuminate one of the country’s largest cities by the year 2020.

CDC Searches For Answers On Why Mysterious Polio-Like Disease Is Flaring Up In US Children
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is searching for answers on 127 suspected and confirmed cases of a polio-like disease leaving children across the U.S. paralyzed.

Democrats Silent As Hate Preacher Louis Farrakhan Gets Standing Ovation For Blistering Attack On The Jews Calling Them ‘Termites’
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan addressed a gathering in Detroit on Sunday to mark the 23rd anniversary of the Million Man March, and used it as a platform to launch yet another attack on Jews, calling them “termites.”

U.S. Military Spokesman: ISIS Still Poses a Threat in Iraq
Iraqi and Syrian fighters, with support from the U.S.-led coalition, continue to stamp out pockets of ISIS resistance in the desert and in cities where some of the terrorists are still dug in.

More Than 1,100 People Are Still Missing A Week After Hurricane Michael
More than 1,100 people are missing in Florida a week after Hurricane Michael slammed into state’s panhandle, Reuters reports.

In This Judgment the Almighty Simply Hastened the Result of Their Own Actions
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Morning Meditation
F. B Meyer
Categories: Meditation;Inspirational;Book Study

Nations are not destroyed until they are rotten at the core; as the north-east wind which snaps the forest trees only hastens the result for which the borer-worm had already prepared. It would have been clear to any thoughtful observer who had ventured out after dark in Sodom that it must inevitably fall. Unnatural crime had already eaten out the national heart, and, in the ordinary course of events, utter collapse could not be long delayed.

Go into the tents of Abraham, and you find simplicity; hospitality; the graces of a truly noble character, which guarantee the perpetuity of his name, and the glorious future of his children. Now go to Sodom; and in that sultry climate you find a population enervated with luxury; debased by cowardly submission to a foreign tyrant; cankered to the core with vice; not ten righteous men among them all; whilst the purity and sanctity of home are idle words. All these symptoms prognosticate, with prophetic voice, that their "sentence lingereth not, and their destruction slumbereth not."

This suggests a solemn lesson for ourselves. The tide of empire has ever set westwards. India, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and Rome, have successively wielded supreme power, and sunk into oblivion. Shall it depart from Britain, as it has departed from the rest? It need not do so. Yet, as we remark the increase of extravagance and luxury; the reckless expenditure on pleasure; the shameless vice that flaunts itself in our streets; the adulation of wealth, the devotion to gambling laxness of the marriage tie -- we may well entertain the darkest fears about the future of our fatherland. The only hope for us is based on the important part which we are called to play in facilitating the evangelization of the world. Should we once fail in this -- or should we send out more opium chests than Bibles, more spirit-sellers than missionaries --nothing can avert our fall.

Note....It is interesting that this was written a century ago.

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