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“Revelation 4:6-7 - Exploring Revelation”
by Art Sadlier   
June 17th, 2020

As we come to verse 6: we read, "And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal:"

The Brazen Laver in the Tabernacle and in this temple was for the purpose of cleansing the priests for service. In the temple it was called the Brazen Sea. Now in heaven we will no longer need cleansing, we will have arrived at a place of fixed righteousness.

What a glorious thing that will be! No more sinning! No more evil thoughts creeping in from our old sin nature, our sin nature will be gone forever. We now have the power available to live in victory over our sin nature, but then it will be gone forever, no more possibility of sin. How wonderful that will be, one of the greatest aspects of our glorious future state.

"And in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts (living ones) full of eyes before and behind."

These like the elders are real beings, though they are symbols of truth. Who are these fascinating, living beings who are found, "in the midst of the throne?" There is much speculation about these creatures, it is probable that these four living creatures are cherubim.

It is helpful to see how Ezekiel describes the cherubim he saw in his vision. (see Ezekiel 10:19-22) The task of cherubims is to guard the Holiness of God. (Gen. 3:24) Notice it says they were "round about the throne" and they were "full of eyes before and behind." They were equiped and positioned to guard the Holiness of God, remember at that time and even today Satan has access to Heaven. That access will be terminated at the Mid-Trib point.

Notice the symbolic aspect to these beings, "The First - was like a lion, and the Second - like a calf, and the Third - had a face as a man, and the Fourth - like a flying eagle."

What is this all about? The Spirit of God has revealed this, and it is revealed for a purpose. It is revealed that we might understand it.

These beings are gathered around the throne, in the very presence of Christ, so much so that they reflect the very likeness of Christ. Remember when Moses came down off the mount, it says "The skin of his face shone," WHY? He had been in Gods presence and reflected Gods Glory.

These living ones (created beings) reflect to us something abou our Lord and Savior. MATTHEW pictures christ as the King, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. MARK pictures Him as a calf (ox), an ox is a servant , Christ came as a servant, a servant of God and a servant of man. LUKE draws the portrait of a man, tracing his ancestry back to Adam. Christs perfect humanity shines forth in Luke. JOHN presents Christ as the one who came from heaven, whose dwelling place was and is now Heaven, So he is like the eagle who dwells in the vaults of heaven.

The cherubim were like Christ because they were so much with Him. As we abide in Christ and His word abides in us we, here and now, are being changed into His image. But we have the glorious prospect of one day being perfected in His image. "We shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is."


Some day, with my face toward the gold-tinted west, I,ll see the light fade, and lie down to my rest, But O what a joy when the morning shall break, And I, in His likeness made glorious awake.

With my friends I have loved and have lost for awhile, Again I shall meet where no sorrows beguile; Through ages unending His glory to sing, To worship and praise at the feet of my king.

Where death never comes, Where all are at rest in the City of Gold, Tis there while the years of Eternity roll,
I ll dwell with Lord in that home of the soul.

My friend, do you have that prospect? If you are not saved, you can be, and that prospect will be yours. For more information about how to be saved, please go to the menu on the "NEWSLETTER" page and click on "HAVE YOU CONSIDERED"

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