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“Israel's Agony”
by Art Sadlier   
April 1st, 2010

Israel is now totally isolated among the nations of the world. For most of Israel’s modern history America has been her benefactor, this is no longer true. (that scenario has changed.)

Cal Thomas wrote on March 18, 2010: “Despite Vice President Joe Biden's recent pledge of unswerving fidelity to Israel during his recent visit there, the rhetoric and pressure directed by the Obama administration against the only fully functioning democracy in the Middle East more accurately resembles the behaviour of an enemy.

Increasingly under this administration — but also present in Republican administrations — America's policy toward Israel is full of "harmful designs" and "antagonistic activities." The intentions may not be deliberate, but the outcome would lead to the same injurious end.”

Last week the Obama administration denounced Israel’s intention to build houses in Jerusalem. Hillary Clinton turned down Israel’s initial proposals for easing the upset and laid down three prerequisites for restoring normal relations with Jerusalem:

  1.     The Netanyahu government must extend the 10 month freeze on West Bank settlement construction to include East Jerusalem.
  2.     Israel must make more concessions to the Palestinian Authority and its chairman, Mahmoud Abbas.
  3.     When the moratorium runs out in September, it must be renewed for the duration of peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

The Israeli government has been informed that until these conditions are met, its ministers will not be received in Washington by high-level American officials - a virtual boycott - which downgrades the normal diplomatic, strategic and security exchanges between the two administrations and extends to the level of Senators and the special Middle East envoy George Mitchell.

Obama and Clinton have made it clear that they will brook no departures from these three demands, which Israel is required to treat as an ultimatum.

Neither party to the difference has mentioned the US administration's fourth condition for resuming normal relations:an Israeli commitment to refrain from attacking Iran's nuclear program without prior US consent.

Because this commitment has not been made, administration officials are continuing to hammer Israel in every possible arena. Indeed, the gloves are now off in earnest for insinuation that Israel's settlement policy is the root-cause of Iran's drive for a nuclear bomb, and of the conflicts endangering American lives in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq.

A much-admired American military figure, CENTCOM chief, Gen. David Petraeus, was the next US official to put this linkage into words. In his briefing to a Senate panel on Wednesday March 16, he said: “Clearly the tensions on these issues with Israel have enormous effect on the strategic context in which we operate in the Central Command's area of responsibility."
The general denied that he had as yet formally asked for the Palestinian territories to be transferred to his command, but added: "In fact, staff members at various times have discussed asking for the Palestinian territories to be added to CENTCOM's turf."
Debkafile's military sources explain that, if approved, this step would be tantamount to providing the Palestinians with an American military umbrella against Israel.

In his testimony in Washington, Former Republican Presidential candidate,  Senator John McCain, caught on the lay of the land in the Obama Washington. During his testimony, he asked: "Isn't the issue not the issue of settlements as much as it is the existence of the state of Israel…? So maybe you could put it all into the larger context of what needs to be done to reduce tensions on the US's closest ally and friend in many respects."

General Petraeus’ response was not to respond to the challenge but rather to politely state: "Absolutely true."

It has been reported that Obama has promised to give Abbas, all that he is asking for, indeed why should Abbas negotiate, when Obama is demanding Israel surrender to his demands. Abbas seems to be a puppet of Obama, the focal point of Obama’s attempts to gain the favour and support of the Arab world, a puppet, whom the Arab world will certainly drop for a more aggressive leader when he has done his job.

Remember what Abbas is demanding, all of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem as well as the right of return for millions of Palestinian refugees to Israel proper. Such concessions would spell the end of the state of Israel.

In our opinion, the Obama administration is now saying what the Arabs have been saying all along, Israel is responsible for all of the world's problems. If Israel ceased to exist all of the problems would be solved, there would be peace.  Senator John McCain understands the issue correctly; the issue is the existence of the state of Israel. This is also the sum and substance of the entire end-time scenario. This will continue to be the issue until the King of Israel comes and establishes peace in the world through the Nation of Israel.

America is rapidly becoming Israel's enemy. Apparently what Obama says for home consumption is different than what is actually unfolding in US / Israeli relations. Obama is seemingly demanding that Israel surrender to both the PA and Iran. According to the above report American guns could be turned on Israel, as the US becomes the protector of the PA.

In another commentary in the Jerusalem Post entitled, "America’s shiny new Palestinian militia" we read the following. “At the expense of American taxpayers the US government has spent 100 million dollars a year to train and equip a Palestinian force of 30,000 troops. These troops have undergone 1,400 hours of training at a US facility in Jordan.” It is hard to believe that these troops will not eventually turn their guns on Israel.

Arutz Sheva, reported the following, “The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) revealed in a January report that was updated recently that the government of Israel has been concealing a change in arms policy by the United States against the Jewish state. The Institute further stated that the Likud-led government of Binyamin Netanyahu has also refrained from protesting massive American weapons sales to Arab states in the region, (10 billion dollars) an initiative that has eroded Israel’s military edge over its neighbours.”

The Institute reports that over the last year, the Obama administration has refused to approve any major Israeli weapons requests. Government sources asserted that the refusal represents a new White House policy to link arms sales to the Jewish state with the Netanyahu government’s willingness to submit to Washington’s demands that Israel surrender Judea, Samaria and most of Jerusalem to the American-backed Palestinian Authority.
Obama now has his hands around Netanyahu’s throat and is saying surrender or die. Obama’s assault on Israel has prompted the nations of the world to become more aggressive against Israel. Israel is now like piece of meat with a pack of dogs it tearing to shreds.
This is the most blatant interference ever by the US administration in the affairs of Israel. What they are demanding is nothing less than the total surrender of Israel to the demands of the Palestinians.

In another dramatic turn of events, a news item reports: ”The US is considering abstaining if the United Nations Security Council votes on a resolution against Israeli construction in eastern Jerusalem, the BBC reported Sunday. For decades, Israel has depended on the US to veto UNSC resolutions aimed against it. A change in this US policy could be very perilous for Israel.

Anti-Israeli resolutions pass regularly in the UN General Assembly, but their meaning is largely declarative. The UNSC, however, has the power to back its resolutions with action.”Obama’s policy change in this area could bring Israel under attack from a UN army.

The American administration of Obama is in the process of switching allegiance from Israel to Islam.  Obama has apparently chosen to sacrifice Israel in order to gain the favour of the Arab / Islamic world. He may, or he may not gain peace with Islam, but the cost will be the favour of God upon America. Remember, what God said to Jacob concerning his seed. "Cursed be every one that curseth thee, and blessed be he that blesseth thee."  Genesis 27:29. Remember, how this has worked out in the experience of men and nations throughout history.

God’s plan for the end of the age is unfolding exactly as the prophets foretold. The amazing thing is that so very few seem to have any realization about what is actually happening!

The world has finally found one issue on which they have common ground and can come together in a common cause. That cause is the ultimate destruction of Israel. The cause is identified as world peace and Israel is portrayed as the major obstacle. When Israel has her back to the wall and all hope seems gone, the false Messiah will come on the scene and seem to rescue her with a false peace treaty which will be short lived.        

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