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Exploring Revelation
“Revelation 15: 6-7”
by Art Sadlier   
February 28th, 2010

"And the seven angels came out of the temple, having seven plagues, clothed in pure and white linen, and having their breasts girded with golden girdles." verse 6.

In verse 5 we glimpsed into heaven and came to realize that the Judgments that were to come would come directly from the hand of God. In verse 6 we see what comes out of heaven. As John looks into heaven he does not see a Jewish High Priest ministering but rather he sees seven angels.

"clothed in pure and white linen", this indicates that the judgments are to be poured out from the holines of God, these judgments are fully just and deserved. These judgments are not revengeful but are intended to vindicate the holiness of God. Today even many Christians do not fully recognize the holiness of God. Our lives often prove that we do not appreciate the holiness of God.  God said, "Be ye Holy for I am Holy.

These angels are coming out of heaven and are about to avenge the offended holiness of God. These servants of God are about to rid the earth of all that causes it to groan. For millenia God has allowed sin to continue but now the time has come to openly display His judgment on sinful men. God is now going to demonstrate that all who defy Him must suffer for their sins. God is now going to fulfill His covenant with Israel and bring in the Kingdom.

We realize that by the permissive will of God Satan has been allowed to demonstrate that he can rule the world in place of God. He has had 6,000 years to prove himself able to govern the world. Now, at this point he has utterly failed, the earth in ruins. The sea is polluted, the land is poisened, the trees are burned up and the air is polluted. The population of the world has been almost totally wiped out. The Lord said through Isaiah that Satan, "Made the world as a wilderness", Isaiah 14:17. 

This is the same Satan that boasted in Isaiah 14:14, "I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High."  Satan's sin was the rejection of the rule of God in his life, he determined to run his own life apart from God. He determined to be his own god. It is now revealed to be a total disaster. That is the undoing of every unregenerate man, the same result will ultimately follow, except for repentence and yielding to the Lordship of Christ.

"And one of the four beasts gave unto the seven angels seven golden vials (bowls) full of the wrath of God, who liveth for ever and ever."  verse 7.

This is the final step of preparation just prior to the pouring out of the final judgments upon the beast and his kingdom. Those who refuse to drink of the cup of the Lord's salvation, will drink of the 'cup of His wrath'. God is faithful in fulfilling His word, in this case the fulfillment is thousands of years in coming. The mills of God grind slowly but they grind exceeding fine.

Pslam 116:13, says "I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the nameof the Lord."

Psalm 75:8, says "For in the hand of the Lord there is a cup, and the wine is red; it is full of mixture; and he poureth out of the same: but the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall wring them out, and drink them." That is the cup of judgment upon sinners.

There is another cup in scripture!  "He went away the second time, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if this cup may not pass away from me, except I drink it, thy will be done." Matthew 26:42.  Christ drank of the cup of God's wrath against your sin and mine!

The poet has written, "Death and the curse were in that cup, Oh! Lord. T'was full for thee, Thou hast drained it to the dregs, T'is empty now for me!"

Christ drank of the cup of God's wrath, so that you and I could drink of the cup salvation. Those who refuse must drink of the cup of God's wrath themselves. 

Revelation 16, reveals that these vials are poured out in rapid succession. God's wrath will be poured out suddenly, violently and in rapid fire succession.

This event that is about to take place is the answer to the prayers of the saints in Revelation 6:10. "And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth."

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