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“America in a Pressure Cooker”
by Art Sadlier   
February 7th, 2010

Barack Obama has sought to put a new face on American foreign policy. In the attempt to appear to be every ones friend, the new approach has given the appearance of weakness to the world.  America has chosen to talk softly and not to carry a stick of any kind. The nations now speak warmly to Obama but no longer take the US seriously. The result is a serious deterioration in the position of America in the world.

There are now a number of situations developing in which America is being increasingly pressed to respond. These responses are leaving America dangerously over extended.

The two wars in which America is involved are showing no signs of coming under control. Both situations fraught with peril as the attempt is made to wind them down.

Tensions with China  A Bloomberg news report stated, "China is developing and deploying “large numbers” of advanced missiles, new attack submarines, long-range air defense systems and capabilities to wage electronic warfare and target computer systems. Marry this to China's threats to invade Taiwan and you have very troublesome problem.

Trouble with North Korea  North Korea now has the possible potential to launch nuclear missles that could reach America. Add to that the threat of exporting weapons to terrorists and rogue states.

Threat from Iran  Iran now is deploying a fleet of small attack boats in the Persian Gulf. Along with this Iran has acquired quiet submarines and cruise missiles that could totally disrupt the movement of oil tankers in the Persian Gulf.

It is also reported that Iran  has provided drones and shoulder-fired missiles to the Islamic militant group Hezbollah. Syria, Lebanon, and Russia and other nations have contributed to the spread of surface-to- air missiles.

The Pentagon's ballistic-missile defense review  made public this week, concluded that missile threats from several states, including Iran, Syria, China and Russia, are growing "quantitatively and qualitatively."

Iran`s growing power and infuence is creating a problem for Obama, leaving him in disarray in the site of all of the Mid east Nations and signaling further weekness.

Threats from Syria, Hizballah, Lebanon and Hamas were backed this week by massive Irianian airlifts boosting Syria's missile arsenal. Many of these missiles are reaching Hezballah and Hamas.

Loss of influence in the Mid East peace process  Obama`s attempts to win the favor of the PA and the Muslim world with impossible concessions has frustrated any hope of cooling the situation and the threat of war seems to be growing.  A war in the Mid East would put more pressure on the US.

Another problem is the mounting US debt and the political and economic turmoil that is looming on the horizon.

You can only stretch an elastic so far before it breaks. It seems that America has never been as vulnerable as she is today.  Any major crisis may bring disaster. A terrorist attack involving weapons of mass destruction could be the straw that breaks the camels back.

I am not the one crying gloom and doom, consider the following news item. "U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Chair Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) asks the heads of the major US intelligence agencies what the chances are of a terrorist attack on America in the next 3 - 6 months. The answer came back that an attack was certain."

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