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“Christians, Pastors, Preachers, Lay people asleep at the wheel”
by Dancing From Genesis Blog   
January 30th, 2010

I must confess that I’m pretty fed up with my christian brethren, particularly the vast majority of pastors in America, who feebily stand by while darwinists run roughshod over the book of Genesis, mocking and deriding it, while the pastors meekly smile saying “we’re not scientists, we have no opinion, we’re ignorant.”  So then why don’t they contact scientists who would gladly inform them of the fool-proof arguments for young earth creationism, what Jesus clearly accepts (for He is the Word) in his clear statements in the New Testament, or have they really not read the scriptures from beginning to end?

Through much diligent research then simple deductive reasoning, whole new scientific fields of study confirming the veracity of Genesis have opened up; the submerged bronze age ruins found in hundreds of locations in many parts of the world, submerged since the end of the Ice Age, which ended therefore obviously much later than the darwinists are thus far willing to admit, and the obvious hydrology that only a warmer ocean because of Noah’s Flood (the mountains rose at the close of the flood) could have been the engine for the Ice Age, and the ancient mapping finding explained for all the world to see in article #2 at, by which the ancients harnessed the intelligent design of the earth’s wobble rate to measure and thereby map the earth, all ignored by almost all who claim to defend the faith, from beginning to end, from Genesis through Revelation, so they obviously, sadly, are asleep at the wheel.

And since Darwin’s term species is meaningless (google syngameons biblical kinds), you’d think pastors interested in defending the integrity of scripture (which suppposedly is all of them) would jump at this opening, yet they sit there passively, probably praying nobody asks them any hard questioins about Genesis, and why they don’t believe what the Word clearly says in that first book of the Bible.  So what do they think, that the biblical Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden were hairy with monkey faces and the fruit forbidden was bananas?

I presume mine is righteous indignation, because I’m defending the book of Genesis as it’s written, as the pastors should too, not as the darwinists tell us it should really read, which essentially is what now the vast majority of pastors are going with, going along to get along, too lazy or afraid to dig deep and defend the faith, all of it, including those parts which will take a little work and tolerance of criticism and controversy, which certainly comes with defending Genesis, the way God wrote it, not how the darwinists are telling our pastors how it should read.  It flat out looks like these pastors are intimidated on many fronts, doesn’t look good.

So I think I’ll be cutting back on my blogging, tired of so very few inquiries and expressions of interest, none from pastors, can you believe it? I guess the vast majority of the pastors in America really do believe that the earth and universe are literally billions of years old, that sickness then death has been ongoing for hundreds of millions of years, rendering irrelevant the point that disease and death entered the world when Adam and Eve sinned, necessitating a Savior for human kind, made in Elohim`s image, for according to those pastors its obvious `the fittest must have been surviving for those many hundreds of years, as the darwinists say, so why then did Jesus die on the cross anywayÉ And if Genesis is not true, Reverend, then why believe the rest of the Bible.

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