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“Elijah and Obadiah”
by A Bible Study on 1 Kings 18   
February 1st, 2007

“And it came to pass after many days” (vs 1). For 3 ½ years God had been preparing Elijah to go up on Mt. Carmel and call down fire from Heaven and call the nation back to God. God had a purpose in Elijah’s life and He was preparing him for that purpose. Elijah had cooperated with God as He prepared him. Believer, God has some purposes for you, those purposes may seem great or small, but they are very important to God. Are you cooperating with God as He seeks to prepare you?“Go shew thyself unto Ahab”, the time had now come, there is a time for preparation and a time to act. Notice the great secret of Elijah’s life, the secret of all successful service for God, instant obedience. “And Elijah went to show himself unto Ahab.”Believer, if you are defeated or powerless in your life or service, search your heart or your life for some disobedience. Study this chapter, there are many wonderful lessons, but I want to draw your attention to the contrasts between Elijah and Obadiah. Purpose – Elijah was committed to doing the will of God. “I will send rain upon the earth” (vs 1). Elijah had discovered the will of God and had set about to bring it about at any cost. Obadiah was committed to do the will of Ahab. “Ahab said unto Obadiah, go into the land … peradventure we may find grass … to save the horses and mules alive”. Elijah was focusing on the souls of men, while Obadiah was focusing on food for animals.Three Things about Obadiah1. He was governor of Ahab’s house (vs 3). He had a high position in Ahab’s kingdom.2. Obadiah feared the Lord greatly (vs 3). That was his attitude.3. Obadiah took 100 prophets of the Lord and fed them bread and water (vs 4).Obadiah had feared the Lord and he had served the lord. The famine had reached its peak and people were dying and in danger of dying. Look what God’s man, Obadiah is doing in a crisis hour, (vs 5, 6) saving horses and mules, while people were dying. If ever the world has faced a crisis hour it is now, and yet today some of God’s servants are caught up in the things of the world and the purposes of the world. What an unspeakable tragedy!Obadiah had feared God, now he fears Ahab. Obadiah had served God, now he serves Ahab. Obadiah had sought the souls of men, now he seeks food for horses and mules. What a change! Why the change? “Obadiah was governor of Ahab’s house.” He had lived too long and too close to Ahab (the world).Remember Daniel had occupied a high position in the world, but he went to the lions den rather than compromise. Joseph also had occupied a high position in Egypt. He went to jail rather than compromise. Moses left the courts of Pharaoh rather than turn away from God’s call on his life.But not Obadiah – he knew that Ahab had introduced idolatry to Israel. Ahab had caused Israel to commit fornication with the temple prostitutes. Ahab had led the Jews to offer their own children in the fire to Baal.But Obadiah never said a word to Ahab. Compromise is not the way to win the world. Obadiah did not change Ahab, Ahab changed Obadiah. Ahab was not persuaded to do the will of God. Obadiah was persuaded to do the will of Ahab. Obadiah was God’s child doing the work of the devil.Obadiah had done the will of God and the work of God in the past (vs 12, 13). But now instead of being salt he is sugar, a friend to the world and a hindrance to the work of God.What was the difference between Elijah and Obadiah? The fear of Ahab (the world) gripped Obadiah’s heart (vs 14) but the fear of God gripped Elijah’s heart (vs 15). Obadiah was committed to pleasing Ahab but Elijah was committed to pleasing God.Elijah said “as the Lord God liveth before whom I stand” 1 Kings 17:1God was real to Elijah, Elijah was His servant, and he spoke daily with God. He knew God intimately. He waited in His presence daily. He had learned to trust God.It was such a man who could stand before King Ahab and threaten him. This was a man who could stand on Mt. Carmel and call down fire from Heaven. This was a man who would turn the nation back to God. This was a man who could pray down rain after 3 ½ years drought.Dear believer friend, we live in a crisis hour, I have no desire to offend you but may I ask you respectfully, are you an Elijah or an Obadiah?The need of the hour is more Elijahs.

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