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“North Korean Christians Cry Out for Prayers, Help”
by Christian Newswire - Jerry Dykstra   
December 10th, 2009

SANTA ANA, Calif., Dec. 9-- North Korean Christians have asked Open Doors for more help, especially for fervent prayer.

Church leaders told Open Doors, an international Christian organization which supports persecuted believers, that the isolated country has called for another period of "100 days of combat." This mobilization means that practically everyone has to work actively for the state. Any person found on the street without a valid reason is sent to a labor camp.

"In this period the people don't have much of an opportunity to keep themselves alive. In Hwangae province it's normal again to see dead children on the street," according to local Christians.

The North Korean regime of "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-Il hasn't been capable of feeding its citizens. In the 1990's, millions of North Koreans died because of a severe famine. The current famine is starting to look more and more like the horrible situation just before and after the year 2000, says Open Doors' co-worker Simon.

"Unfortunately, there are no media teams inside the country to report what's going on," says Simon. "Parents die or leave their children because they can no longer bear to see their sons and daughters starve. Many groups of orphans roam the country. If they are caught by the police, they are sent to an orphanage. Most of them die there because of maltreatment and malnutrition. To keep themselves alive, many North Koreans illegally trade at night. The next day they have to report back to work."

On September 17 a period of "150 days of combat" ended. Five days later the North Korean government announced a period of "100 days of combat." During these mobilizations the controls are very strict. Every movement of citizens is followed and restricted. To go from one place to another requires a permit.

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