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“Hardening Hearts”
by Art Sadlier   
February 11th, 2008

Incredibly violent movies, the advent of T.V. violence, video game violence, and the horrific violence of Islamic terrorism has resulted in insensitivity to violence and in the hardening of the hearts of a whole generation.

Investigators of the Virginia Tech Massacre are seeking to discover if Cho Seung-Hui was copying part of a violent film when he murdered 32 people. Investigators believe he repeatedly watched the violent video "Old Boy" as part of his preparation for the killing spree. It contains scenes of killing and suicide and "punishing emotional violence."

After the Jonesville Massacre, a High School Teacher related how her students reacted when she told them about the shootings. "They laughed," she related with dismay.

A similar reaction happens all the time in movie theatres when there is bloody violence. The young people laugh and cheer and keep right on eating popcorn. Berit Kjos says, "we have raised a generation of Barbarians who have learned to associate violence and pleasure, like the Romans cheering in the Coliseum while the Christians are being slaughtered.

Recently in Iraq, two mentally disabled women were strapped up with remote control bombs and sent into a Bagdad Pet Bazaar among women and children. More than a hundred people were killed. Such a barbaric act drew little or no condemnation from our society.

At a recent trial, witnesses told about three teenage boys, 15, 17 and 18. Apparently visitors at a scenic spot in Scotland watched helplessly as the three boys forced a terrified schoolboy to fall 25 feet over a cliff, and then cheered as their victim landed on the rocks below.

Now in recent months we are seeing governments and leaders becoming insensitive about war and the use of nuclear weapons. Both Russia and NATO have stated, in effect, that we are living in an increasingly brutal world and preemptive (first strike) nuclear strike must be a part of our strategy.

I fear we have raised the Tribulation Period Generation.

It would seem that harvest time is fast approaching as society grows in its defiance of God and its rebellion against God's Word and all that it demands.


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