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“Climategate: Good News World! a Crisis of Faith is Ended”
by Breitbart   
December 2nd, 2009

Adam Baldwin

We live in interesting times, as goes the ancient Chinese curse, wherein vainglorious environmentalist addicts to “the self-deification of mankind” are now desperately clinging to Nietzsche’s “God is dead” raft because humans are, according to their pseudo-science, “killing the planet.” 

Yet, as the self-serving rats abandon the sinking ship of fools, the band of “Green Freak” true believers plays on… 

For example, an actor cum environmental activist intolerantly agitates the slogans “Read peer-reviewed studies!”, “You should have an energy audit in your home!” & “You can’t destroy the commons!” on Fox News. 

As if using incandescent light bulbs could destroy the commons. 

In response to the good news that anthropogenic ‘global climate change’ has now, at long last, been irrefutably exposed by the infamous CRU emails as a gigantic hoax and fraud — shouldn’t Green Freaks be happy, or at least somewhat relieved for earth’s sake? 

Apparently, not… Which would indicate the whole charade was never an ethical scientific endeavor at all, but an ideological-financial-political bamboozle. 

Replete with its very own crypto-religious dogma, and indulgence purchases:

It’s no secret that many of the ideological refugees from the Soviet socialist collapse retrenched within the environmental movement. This was an easy and obvious choice for them to make, in that one of the main currents of the socialist vanguard, historically, had been the divide-and-conquer exploitation of under-class groups as their surrogate agents for their (hopelessly unsustainable) utopian revolution. 

However, during WWI the working class thankfully abandoned the revolution in favor of capitalism’s Liberty, thus debunking Marxist theory and forcing its totalitarian vanguard to scrounge around for other groups to exploit. This is reflected in what we witness as race/gender/sexual-preference groups being agitated to heighten tensions and divisions in what would otherwise be a generally peaceful, coexisting majority in America and elsewhere. 

“Never let a crisis you’ve created go to waste… or allow a surrogate mascot to escape its dependency on the statist savior…” or something. 

Within the irrational cult of indiscriminate environmentalism, statists found perfect surrogate-mascots for their failed revolution: animals, plants, rocks, water, even the very air we all breathe. Of course, these un-sentient mascots have no voice, and therefore no choice as to who should speak on their behalf according to their needs. 

So, the “Save the Planet!” statists expediently leapt at the chance to again (once and for all) subvert capitalism and individual Liberty by brandishing these creatures and inanimate objects as their moral-do-gooder swords and shields. Epic fail! 

One can perhaps muster some sympathy for ignorant useful idiot global warm-mongers that were simply acting with misguided ‘good-intentions’ and are now suffering the anguish of losing their religion. 

But, derision and criminal charges are certainly due the unscrupulous racketeers that intentionally cooked the data, or selfishly looked the other way as a means to amassing personal profits in the fraudulent Green racket. Algore, Carol Browner, call your office. 

As America and the world rejoices in the Good News of Climategate’s revelations, does President Obama really want to seem like such an obvious tool of the climate-change hoax crowd by letting his ideology override his fading political instincts?

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