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“The Peace Process That Never Seems to Go Anywhere”
by Art Sadlier   
November 1st, 2009

US president after US president has poured energy and resources into trying to bring a peace treaty in the Mid-East.

When Barack Obama took office he vowed to settle the Mideast stalemate. He has bent over backwards to appease the Arab world. He has turned against Israel in the hope of winning cooperation from the Palestinians. Today the chance of a peace settlement is farther away than ever.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has run into a stone wall this weekend. The PA are not interested in negotiating at this point. Obama has created such high expectations among the Arabs that anything less than total surrender by Israel is not acceptable in the Arab streets.

In the meantime the Israelis realize that as Abbas is involved in elections in January, he will not negotiate but will campaign on the issue, politics will overrule. The election in January, or when ever it occurs, may bring a new more radical government to the Palestinians. Negotiations now are not practical in this light.

Why does it seem impossible for the world’s most powerful men to bring about a peace treaty? The answer is quite simple, God’s Word tells that it will be the leader of the Revived Roman Empire that will ultimately sign this treaty. God’s Word tells us how the whole end time scenario will unfold.

Today we see the EU about to appoint a new super President who will be given great powers. The supposed solution will come from Europe not Washington.

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