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“Two Year Countdown to War over Jerusalem”
by Art Sadlier   
October 25th, 2009

There is a growing call from President Obama and other world leaders to declare a Palestinian State which is to take effect in two years. The Arabs and Muslim nations are also calling for such a proposition. The idea is that Israel will not submit to all of the Palestinian demands and so a Palestinian State will be declared without the input of Israel and without Israel’s agreement.

This week the Palestinian Prime Minister made it clear what that new Palestinian State would look like. Fayad laid out his plan in a paper submitted this week. He stated that it would occupy all of the territory held prior to the 1967 war. He spelled out clearly that it would involve all of Judea and Samaria and all of Jerusalem, both east and west. In case any wondered if he really meant all of Jerusalem, he repeated ten times that he meant all of Jerusalem. Fayad stated that Jerusalem is today an illegal settlement.

News reports leaked that Obama is disgusted with Israel. Israel has dared to stand up for her rights and that stands in the way of Obama’s plan to gain the favour of the Islamic world.  Obama has promised the moon to the Palestinians so they are now holding out for Israel’s total capitulation. If, as it seems likely, the world leaders declare a Palestinian State to take effect in two years, that would terminate any negotiations by the PA, why would they negotiate? It will all be theirs in two years anyway. The result would be a two year countdown to an all out war.

When you read a good novel and the suspense is more than you can stand, you can go to the last page and find out the end result. The Word of God has the final chapter in the unfolding drama of world history. We know that Israel is going to fail to trust God and in disobedience and unbelief will compromise the promises of God to them. They will receive a counterfeit Messiah, the (Antichrist), he will sign a false peace treaty with Israel and the world. This will be a peace that will seem to give Israel what they want only to bring disaster to her.

The peace treaty will involve dividing the land of Israel and bring the judgement of God on Israel and the nations.

2013 update: Time has seemed to reveal that the Palestinians have been indeed waiting for just such a scenario.

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