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Photo Essay
“Photo Essay: Sukkot in Jerusalem”
by IsraelNN.   
October 4th, 2009

Walking around Jerusalem in the days before the Sukkot holiday is a unique and fun experience, filled with color and sound. The streets turn into an outdoor market of supplies for the many Biblical commandments of the Sukkot holiday, such as constructing well-equiped huts and the taking of the four species. The huts and their vegetation roofs go up, while the prices for a good Etrog comes down - if you know how to bargain!

Please join Israel National News for a beautiful picture essay from the streets of Jerusalem. All photos by Yehuda Boltshauser & Co.

People buy sukkah boards in Meah Shearim as Yerushalayim prepares for Sukkot
Schach (traditional branch-covering of the Sukkah) being delivered in Meah Shearim
Other forms of schach...
Sukkahs in Meah Shearim: a picture from 100 years ago - or today?
More sukkot in Meah Shearim
Top-quality, beautiful Etrogim enhancing the holiday

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