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“Tomorrow's Forecast: Society's Collapse”
by WND   
September 22nd, 2009

DVD set documents worries Western world 'in serious trouble'

The following video is a commercial for a set of DVD's which indicates that the fall of America is certain and near at hand.  It offers much evidence to prove the point. It advises people as to how to  prepare for the coming catastrophe and what to do after the Collapse of America.

I not not recommending that you obtain the set of DVD's.

I see two things that are of real concern in this situation.

FIRST - I believe that what these men are saying is undoudetly going to happen. These men are not followers of Christ but they can see the warning signs on the horrizon. The troubling thing is that many professed believers in Christ cannot see the warning signs around them and have no idea and no interest in the warning signs that flashing from the Word of God. The Day of the Lord is indeed about to break upon the whole world. It will start with peace and saftey, then sudden destruction will fall upon the world. Jesus said that we are to watch and be ready for the trumpet to sound, we are going home!  In the meantime we are to sound the warning to thoses around us!

SECOND - The men who offer this video are offering a solution to the coming holocaust. What they offer is a tragic mistake!  No preparation of any kind will prevent the judgment of God from falling on those who enter into the Day of the Lord.  Paul said of them, ..."They shall not escape". The only escape from that time of destruction is to be found in Christ when the trumpet sounds.

My friend you need to come to Christ, confess your sin, repent and ask God to save you by placing your faith Christ who has paid the price of your sin on the cross of Calvary. There is no other hope for mankind in these closing days of the age.

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