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“Whats Next ?”
by Art Sadlier   
September 9th, 2009

For the present time the peace process is dead, the leaders may go through the motions and pretend that a solution is at hand, but the reality is that there is no breakthrough on the near horizon.

President Obama’s demands on Israel  has caused the Palestinians to sit on their hands. Obama is demanding from Israel much of what the Palestinians have been asking for. The natural thing for the PA to do is get all the concessions from Israel they can through Obama and then demand more.

It seems that the Israeli leaders and people have begun to understand this, and are not really interested in serious negotiations, although they would not admit to this.

The PA has drawn a line in the sand, no more construction in Jerusalem or the West Bank, unless all construction is halted there will be no negotiations. They have also made other demands that are unacceptable to Israel. They are demanding East Jerusalem as exclusively Palestinian, and to make matter worse, Obama is saying the same things.

Now Israel has officially approved the construction of new homes and approved plans to complete 2500 homes already underway. They have also approved the construction of some 450 apartments. The blow has been softened by saying they will agree to a freeze after this construction.

The positions of both sides have been hardened by Obama’s approach to the whole situation. The PA are thinking why bargain when Obama is pressuring Israel. The Israeli`s are saying, we have to let Obama know that he can`t take us for granted and give us away altogether.  And so Obama has muddied the waters and there will be no movement in the near future. That leaves us with the question, `What`s Next.

We now have a pressure cooker that is in danger of eventually blowing up. The other possibility is that the whole scenario is becoming so impossible that the one who the Bible says will come and sign a false Peace Treaty will now appear on the scene, the Antichrist out of Rome.

There will be no peace in the Middle East until the Prince of Peace comes to the throne of David in Jerusalem.  Seven years before that a false Christ will come and sign a false peace that will last but a brief period of time.

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