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Exploring Revelation
“Revelation 13:3”
by Art Sadlier   
August 16th, 2009

"And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast".

I believe we have here a classic double fulfillment of a prophecy. We see the faked death and resurrection of the beast, the antichrist. We also see the revival of the Roman Empire, which though it did not disappear altogether, it did disappear in its imperial form.

Remember the plan of Satan to defeat God and take control of the world is based on a Satanic trinity. Satan presents himself as God the father, while antichrist is supposed to be God the Son. The second beast, the false prophe, is supposed to be the Holy Spirit. Satan is an imitator, he seeks to imitate the Holy Trinity.

In his attempt to replicate the plan of God, Satan causes the antichrist to appear to die, and then appears to bring him back to life. Of course Satan does not have power to give life, therefore the whole exercise is one of deception. Notice it says, "as it were", implying deception. But the plan has an effect on those rebellious people who are deceived by Satan. "And his deadly wound was healed, and the whole world wondered after the beast ", Satan uses this deception to draw men and women to follow the beast. Again this is  an attempt to duplicate the plan of God. The world appears to be awe struck by this ploy of Satan, and the beast is elevated in the eyes of the world.

There is a second application, I believe, to this death and ressurection. The Roman Empire has continued in a fragmented form even to this day. The Roman Empire has lived on in the form of the colonial empires of the European nations such as Brittain, France, Germany, Holland, Spain etc. But the imperial form of the Roman Empire died and has ceased to exist, there ceased to be an Emperor who ruled over the whole empire. When antichrist comes on the scene that imperial form of the empire will be restored, he will be the emperor who rules over the Revived Roman Empire.

We will have then an emperor who has been seemingly brought to life from death and an empire that has been restored to life from from death.

"And the whole world wondered after the beast", the world will be deceived by these events and will worship the beast. In a brief span of time the beast will rise to world power. Satan has a plan, though it is an imitation of God's plan, it will bring  the world to worship Satan and his man.

Today there are ten nations that make up the EU, all other nations are associate members. One day, maybe soon, these ten nations will return to an imperial form, with the Beast ruling over them.

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