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“Building the Temple”
by Art Sadlier   
August 6th, 2009

In recent days we see the climate changing with regard to building the Temple. The attitude in Israel has changed, not long ago the Israeli’s would not talk about the Temple, they seemed to think such talk would jeopardize the peace process.  Today the Land for Peace process seems to be dead in the minds of the Jewish people. Suddenly the hope of a return to the glory days for Israel seems to be in the hearts of the Jewish people even though they dare not to let it be found on their lips.

An expression of this is found in the poll that reported that two thirds of Israeli’s want to see the Temple built. There is very little that remains in the way of preparations for the establishing of the worship and the building of the Third Temple.

A recent news report indicates that a prominent Islamic teacher,  Adnan Oktar had recently met with three members of the re-established Jewish Sanhedrin.  Their  meeting was to discuss how religious Muslims, Jews and Christians can work together to bring about the building of the Temple.  Adnan Oktar declared that the Temple must be built on the location of the Dome of the Rock.

This week in Jerusalem  Rabbi Tovia Singer and Jermy Gimpel  stated on a T.V. program the Dome of the Rock would soon come down and the Temple would be rebuilt. They stated their opinion as to the timing, in a day, a month or months. The Rabbi motioned to the Dome of the Rock and said that it would come down and a temple three times as tall would replace it.

We are not suggesting that those in places of authority are contemplating building the Temple anytime soon. We are suggesting that climate around the whole matter of the Temple is dramatically changing.

God has a timetable, it involves the taking of the Body of Christ home to heaven and the appearing of the Antichrist to sign the peace treaty,  then the Temple will be built. The trumpet is soon to sound!  Are you ready!

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