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“Partnership with Durham University Announced”
by Tony Blair Faith Foundation   
July 17th, 2009

Tony Blair today announced a partnership with Durham University as part of a new drive to create a global network of twelve leading research universities teaching Faith and Globalisation over the next two years.

Durham will become the third partner university, following Yale & the National University of Singapore. The course will develop greater understanding of the impact of faiths and cultures on the world and the inter-relationship between faith and globalisation.

Speaking at Durham University, Tony Blair announced that the faith foundation will focus on building and developing the Faith and Globalisation course which started at Yale - creating a tight network between the twelve partner universities, and ensuring that this is recognised globally as a leading teaching, research, and social action orientated initiative.

Specifically, Tony Blair issued an appeal for universities in the Gulf, India, China, Africa, Australia and South America to come forward and take on the Faith and Globalisation course.

The programme at Durham University is being funded by a new University donor programme and will be run by Durham University. It will bring together leading academics from across the faculties of humanities, social sciences and science to carry out global research that will help inform international policies in the future.

The initiative will draw on the University's strengths as a multi-cultural institution and its world class teaching and research in areas such a Theology and Religion and Government and International Affairs.

The programme ultimately aims to increase understanding of different faiths and cultures so people from a variety of backgrounds can work closely to tackle the cultural, economic, ethical and political challenges faced by a globalised world.

Tony Blair, who made the announcement as part of a lecture at Durham University, said: "I am delighted to be partnering with Durham. The purpose is to create a course that deals with these crucial issues of faith and globalisation, and takes people through them in a structured, informative and educative way.

"But I also want to take this further and establish a group of twelve universities worldwide, from Asia to Europe, from the Middle East to America, so that we can a network of real benefit, which works together to produce high quality research and publications while exploring these fascinating and fundamental questions of faith and globalisation."

Art's Commentary.....This item is like a great flashing red light warning that a World Church is soon to enter into union with a World Government. That is the exact scenario described in scripture for the tribulation period. It is startling that the man promoting this scenario is the leading candidate for the office of the powerful new  Presidentcy of the EU (Revived Roman Empire). Out of this office it would seem that the Antichrist will surely come. This headline is screeming that the trumpet is soon to sound, ARE YOU READY?

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