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Morning Meditation
“HE IS THE INSPIRER OF PRAYER. (Ephesians 2:18)”
by F. B. Meyer   
February 20th, 2017

However diverse the saints are, in national birth or religious customs, they become one in the exercise of true prayer. Because as suppliants they pass into the presence of the Father through the One Mediator; and because their prayers emanate from the same Holy Paraclete.

There are two Advocates or Paracletes: one is on the throne--Jesus Christ the righteous; the second is in our hearts--the Holy Spirit (1Jo_2:1; Rom_8:26). And because He pervades all holy hearts, as the wind the variety of organ-pipes, He makes them one. Men as wide apart as Jew and Gentile have access by one Spirit unto the Father. They are therefore no more strangers, but fellows.

"If two of you agree on earth," said our Lord. The Greek word is symphonise. A symphony is a consonance or harmony of sounds in which there is perfect agreement. Not necessarily the same notes if different keys, but different notes in the same key. Struck by a master hand, they make delightful music. So when souls are touched by the Holy Spirit, though in many respects they differ, yet they may accord in the same prayer. Peter and Cornelius, Saul of Tarsus and Ananias, though far apart and totally diverse in temperament, respond to each other in perfect harmony. And such accord indicates the purpose of God.

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