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“Lukewarm Laodicea”
by Art Sadlier   
January 1st, 2008

Evangelical churches are being radically altered. Many Pastors are no longer teaching the Bible. Skits, dramatizations, stories, lessons from the latest book or tepid, empty, watered down preaching have replaced the “thus saith the Lord” of Scripture. Some Pastors are faithfully declaring the Word of God, but their numbers are growing fewer.

The agenda of the Emerging Church is an all-out effort to re-invent Christianity. These men claim that in order to be relevant to the present generation, the method of presenting the message must change.

Faithfulness to the Word of God is lost, sound teaching (doctrine) is lost and a whole generation of believers are being cut loose from the solid anchor of God’s Word. The Word is so watered down that its meaning and power and blessing is lost. Instead of worshipping in spirit and in truth, worshipping with the five senses becomes the method.

In his book “Church Re-Imagined”, Pastor Doug Pagitt says:

“At Solomon’s Porch, sermons are not primarily about extracting truth from the Bible to apply to people’s lives. In many ways the sermon is less a lecture or motivational speech than it is an act of poetry – of putting words around people’s experiences to allow them to find deeper connection in their lives … So our sermons are not lessons that precisely define belief so much as they are stories that welcome our hopes and ideas and participation.”

“To move beyond the passive approach to faith, we’ve tried to create a community that’s more like a potluck; people eat and they also bring something for others. Our belief is built when all of us engage our hopes, dreams, ideas and understandings with the story of God as it unfolds through history and through us.”

Instead of “thus saith the Lord”, the feelings, experiences and ideas of the individual become the source of truth. In that environment the Spirit of God is grieved and a whole generation is soon far from the truth and far from God.

The Emerging Church is sweeping over the Evangelical Church like a dark cloud which will bring it back to Rome. When the reality of a submissive walk with God is lost, Laodicea looks for something new.

To you who truly know Christ as your Saviour and Lord, I urge you to come out of lukewarm Laodicea before God spews it out of His mouth into the tribulation period. Come out of the Emerging Church and its near cousin the Purpose Driven Church.

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