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“The Third Temple”
by Art Sadlier   
June 21st, 2009

The prophetic scriptures indicate that the third Temple will be built either shortly prior to the tribulation period, or in the first half of the tribulation period. There are many indications that the time for the rebuilding of this temple is drawing near. The Temple Institute has just completed the manufacture of two golden sensors for use in the soon to be built Temple.

Many of the vessels and instruements are already made and waiting to be used in the Temple. The Keter for the Laver has recently been made, and the golden Menorah, the priestly garments, the blue ephod and the golden crown for the High Priest, all are ready to begin the Temple service.

The pure red heifer that was born in Israel has been disqualified  having been found to have white hairs in its tail. This will not be a problem because theTemple Institute has cracked the DNA code for producing a pure red heifer.

The Temple Institute is also working with the new Sanhedrin on the blueprints for the construction of the new Temple. The plan calls for the building to be constucted in portable sections, making assembly a quick process.  It is also significant that approval has been given to raise funds for construction.

Another interesting situation is the fact that a group of clerics in Jerusalem are working on the problem of where the Temple could be built and how Islam might be pacified.

Recently, Arab leaders have expressed concern over the possiblity that Israel is about embark on Temple construction, this is an indictation of what is going on behind the scenes. Of course the Muslems are adamant that the Temple not be built. We know that the antichrist will perform the miraculous and convince Islam to agree to the construction, it will be a part of the peace agreement that will impress the world and lead to accepting of this man as the world's leader and savior.

Indications of the building of the Third Temple have been growing for a number of years, but today the momentum is accelerating and we seem to stand on the threshold of this momentous event.

Before the tribulation period begins, the Lord will come to take His Church to the Fathers house. My friend if you are not saved, time is short! Come to Christ in humility and faith and recieve Him as your Lord and Savior and be a part of the great plan and purpose of God. The choice is yours, the Fathers house or an eternal hell.

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