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“Our World Is Changing Fast”
by Art Sadlier   
June 14th, 2009

We are told that for a culture to survive there must be at least a 2.11 fertility rate, the number of children born in each family. No culture has ever recovered from a 1.9 fertility rate. The fertility rate in Europe is 1.38, the rate in both Canada and the U.S. is 1.6. The Muslim fertility rate is 8.1 in Europe, Europe is growing through immigration, and 90% of immigration in Europe is Muslim. The Germain Government has said that the trend is irreversible, Germany will ultimately be a Muslim State. We in Canada and America are living in doomed culture. Culture is defined as “a form of civilization, particularly the customs and beliefs”.

Indeed we have already lost our culture, our culture had been based upon the Judaeo Christian Ethic or based upon the teaching of the Bible. You may not like it, but the truth is that we live in a culture that no longer recognizes the Bible and rejects its teaching. All of the things happening in our society that grieve us, things like immorality, homosexuality and the general rejection of that which is right and embracing of that which is wrong, these are just the symptoms of the profound changes that have taken place. Our society has profoundly changed and is in the process of even greater changes. One American Evangelical leader has stated this week that Christians are surrounded by pagans.

For some time we have been living in a culture that is best defined as secular humanism. Secular humanism has brought about the rejection the Judaeo Christian Ethic and our culture as we have known it. Secular Humanism has torn down the old to make way for something new and different.

One of the profound changes now taking place in our world is in the area of religion. The formation of a new religion is now well underway. This new religion will be the coming together of all the world’s religions. It involves the unification of all religions without obliterating the forms of individual religions. It will bring a sense of oneness to all the peoples of the world, a oneness that will sweep the world with a euphoria which will open the doors to even greater changes, particularly in the area of World Government.

Another profound change that has taken place is the apostasy that has swept the Evangelical (Laodicean) Church. Multitudes of evangelicals have been deceived by the counterfeit Christianity of New Evangelicalism.  One of the facts of deception, is that the deceived are utterly oblivious to the deception that has fallen upon them. The deceived are never without blame however, deception follows some failure to respond to revealed truth, some refusal to surrender to the will and word of God.

Another great change that is breaking upon our heads is the sudden transformation of America from Israel’s friend and benefactor to Israel’s worst enemy. America’s leaders are knowingly set on a course that will, if implemented, bring the destruction of Israel. America is set on a course that will sacrifice the very existence of Israel for reconciliation with Islam. The Obama administration has stated this in no uncertain terms.

The consequence of this policy will, I believe, bring about swift destruction of America. There are a number of new scenarios emerging that have the potential to bring this about, however God does not need our advice as to how to implement this. We can hardly imagine the profound changes the removal of America from influence on the world stage will bring about.

The prophetic scriptures make it quite clear who will fill this power vacuum in the end time scenario, he has many names given to him in scripture, and he is the ruler of the Revived Roman Empire, see Daniel 9:25-27.

 What then should we do in such times of momentous change?

First, we need to realize that we are not in a struggle to save the culture, the world is a sinking ship, we need to rescue as many of the passengers as we can. Our task in this crucial hour is to preach the gospel which is able to make men wise unto salvation.

Second, we need to walk closer to the Lord than we ever have before, God always lifts up men and women to carry out His purposes in a dark hour. In a bygone dark hour for God’s people, Mordecai said to Esther, “Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such an hour as this?” It is during the dark hour that God’s servants can do the greatest exploits for Him.

Third, we need to let our light shine bright in the dark hour, our testimony is a beacon light to those struggling around us to find the meaning of events and situations troubling them.

Fourth, God is still on the throne and He will carry out His purposes and we are a part of His plan.

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