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“The Return of Christ Under Attack”
by Art Sadlier   
June 1st, 2009

All around the world Christians are under attack, persecution of Christians is growing rapidly.  Those who teach the primillenial message that the rapture is at hand and that the long prophesied tribulation period will follow, are under attack by some who call themselves Christians.

 Now we have among those who identify themselves as Evangelicals some who are calling for an attack on premillenialists. 

In an April 2009 article in Sojourner's magazine by emerging church leader, Brian McLaren, McLaren clearly has targeted Christians, but not just any Christians. McLaren is talking about Christians who believe Jesus Christ is coming back again, suggesting that these types of Christians are the reason there is no peace in the Middle East. He says what these “end-time” believing Christians are doing is "terrible," "deadly," and "distorted."

Lighthouse Trails Publishers gives us the following information.  McLaren says that he grew up with a dispensational view (the belief that Jesus Christ will return and establish his kingdom on earth) but has come to realize this view is "morally and ethically harmful." He likens this belief system to racism in the 50s and 60s and says:

These doctrinal formulations often use a bogus end-of-the-world scenario to create a kind of death-wish for World War III, which--unless it is confronted more robustly by the rest of us--could too easily create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It isn't just Bible-believing Christians with whom McLaren is upset - he's also angry about Israel and the very idea that she is a special nation in the eyes of God. This is why he names Christian Zionists and Dispensationalists in particularly, because they tend to be two groups who hold fast to the belief that Israel is indeed a special nation to the Lord.

Tony Campolo, in his book Speaking My Mind, says that "'rigid' Christians who believe in the possibility of Jesus' soon return" are "the real problem for the whole world." According to Campolo, they are to blame for wars, and a host of other evils in the world.

We are witnessing a growing hostility toward Christians and in particularly toward the proclamation of Christ’s soon return. The promoters of the harlot church that will arise after the rapture of the Bride of Christ are even now laying the groundwork of deception that will overtake the Evangelicals that are not truly saved and will be left behind after the rapture.

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