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“Unleash Heaven”
by Jerusalem Watchman   
May 18th, 2009

“You have no idea of the kind of pressure that is brought to bear on an Israeli prime minister when he enters the White House.” (The late David Bar-Ilan, Chief of Information and Policy Planning for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a personal conversation with this writer, November 1998.)

Netanyahu flew to Washington DC at the weekend, arriving Sunday morning, a day before his scheduled series of meetings with American President Barack Obama and other administration officials.

Despite calming words and promises from administration officials that the Americans won’t be too demanding “this time,” millions of Israelis and their friends are tense with anticipation about the outcome of these talks.

The US believes it has Israel over a barrel. Netanyahu must either endorse the “two-state-solution” or be seen to be resisting the will of the whole world.

What the prime minister is being asked to do is without precedent: Never has a national leader been ordered to surrender for all time his people’s claim to their costliest and most strategic national assets. On top of this, Netanyahu knows too well the bankruptcy of “land-for-peace” – how every effort to proceed with this American-led program has painfully backfired, costing thousands more Jewish lives and increasingly endangering the security of their state.

The “two-state solution” requires the ethnic cleansing of 300,000 Jews from their biblical heartland, the cradle of their nationhood. It calls for the destruction of all their homes and communities. It will add insurmountably to Israel’s already desperate water crisis. And it will leave Israel too small, too truncated, to properly defend – and this in a neighborhood that positively churns with hatred for the Jews.

In the words of Hebron resident Gary Cooperberg: For Israel, the two-state solution is another version of The Final Solution.

Were the eyes and ears of our inner man open to what is happening today in the spiritual realm over Washington DC, we’d be aghast at the fury of the fight. The atmosphere above the American capital is surely boiling, as heaven and hell vie for dominance over the institutions of government, especially the White House, the State Department and the Department of Defense.

Prime targets for the enemy will be within the presidential residence itself: In the room set apart for a three-hour meeting between Obama and Netanyahu, where the American will be doing whatever he can to seduce or coerce the Israeli into embracing two-states; and in the media briefing room, where the world’s press will be out in force to dig and poke into the Israeli leader after the summit, hungry to expose triumphantly either his failure to withstand Obama’s demands or, in their biased estimation, his intransigence and opposition to peace.

American arrogance in dealing with Israel can be breathtaking.

As recalled in The Jerusalem Post Sunday, after President Clinton met with then first-time Prime Minister Netanyahu in 1996, the Oval Office was left seething.

Dennis Ross, a top advisor to Clinton on Middle East affairs, could barely contain himself. In his book, The Missing Peace, he fumes:

“Netanyahu was nearly insufferable, lecturing and telling us how to deal with the Arabs.”

“After Netanyahu was gone, President Clinton observed, ‘He thinks he is the superpower and we are here to do whatever he requires.’”

Of course, Netanyahu could justifiably claim to know a great deal more about the Arabs than do most American leaders – and American Jews like Ross.

What should be thrown back at Ross and Clinton, though, and what should be spelled out for Obama to consider, is this: America may think that, because it is the superpower, it can bully little Israel into going along with whatever the US considers is in ITS best interest.

In fact, there is only one Superpower, one Ruler of the Universe. It is He who raises nations, and brings them down. He has done so with numerous powers in the past, and America is set to be next.

God has destined Israel to be chief among the nations, and the United States to serve her, or die. Obama can squirm and squeal at the thought, but he should be shaking in his chair. In heaven’s eyes, it’s a done deal.

There is a time, during military campaigns, when field commanders choose to hold back their forces and wait for the moment to strike. Factors under consideration include the element of surprise; the critical role of the immediate phase of battle; available time for the execution of the attack; comprehension of the bigger picture, i.e. what other battle plans will be put into play in the coming days, etc.

As we watch the nations gathering to come against Israel, we may wonder whether to call out for heavy weaponry right now, or wait until things get worse.

In fact, God’s Hosts have been warring with the nations for centuries already – almost everywhere opposing gentile efforts – through murder, forced exile or forced assimilation – to wipe out the Jews.

Through human eyes the battle is one-sided and Israel has no chance – one small country and nation against the Globalists in the international arena, the United States, the United Nations, the European Union, Russia, China, 57 Islamic states with their 1.4 billion people, hundreds of thousands of apostate churches with their billion-and-a-half or more adherents; global jihad, worldwide secular humanism.

There is certainly no way her prime minister and his team can stand under the crushing weight of this world and its forces.

But, seen through those spiritual eyes, the opposite is true. The combined forces of opposition to Israel are outnumbered and outweighed by the heavenly hosts.

In the film ‘Gladiator,” power pumps from the screen as the Roman General Maximus thunders his horse across the front line of his troops, infusing them with passion for a fiery and devastating assault on the attacking hordes.

“When you see my signal,” he roars, “Unleash hell.” And they do.

Only God knows, as the world’s leaders have lined up, one after the other, to demand and insist that Netanyahu agree to go along with their two-state solution, how many believers – in Jerusalem and in the nations – have been fasting and praying, groaning for Him to intercede for His people and His land.

In her album ‘Always on His Mind,’ Kansas City musician Misty Edwards prays for His drastic intervention in the earth.

“Prince of peace,” she cries. “Come, make war.”

Israel feels outnumbered, as do those of us who stand with God’s purposes for her. But as Edwards continues:

“When the nations are raging against You, we want to be with You where You are.”

We may not know His timing, but we know that the moment will come.

My cry today is: May God unleash heaven!

Then the LORD will go forth
And fight against those nations,
As He fights in the day of battle.

And the LORD shall be King over all the earth.
In that day it shall be—
“ The LORD is one,”
And His name one.

(Zechariah 14:3,9)

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