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“How the Liberal Media Seeks to Crush Christian Values”
by Art Sadlier   
May 3rd, 2009

This week the government of Alberta proposed a new bill that will enshrine into law the rights of parents to pull their children out of classes discussing the topics of evolution and homosexuality.

Under the new rules, schools would be required to notify parents in advance of subject matter that explicity deals with sexuality, or sexual orientation, or with religion. This is included in a bill that extends human rights to homosexuals. Parents will be entitled to ask that their children be excluded from these discussions.

Premier Stelmach said, "This government supports a very, very fundamental right and that is parental rights with respect to education."

Although Stelmach has confirmed the bill will give parents the authority to exclude their kids from classes if the topic of evolution comes up, Education Minister Dave Hancock said it won't change anything.

"With respect to values, religion and sex education have always been areas of concern for parents, and they've always been areas parents have had the right to be notified about and to exempt their students from," Hancock said.

At this point we come face to face with the attempts of the liberal media to crush the deeply held values of some of Canada's loyal and honorable citizens. The thought that some children might escape being exposed to indoctrination about deviant sexual behavior, is apparently more than some of the liberal media can tolerate. The idea that some parents do not want their children indoctrinated with the God denying myth of evolution is enough to elicit a campaign to crush the beliefs and convictions that multiplied millions of Canadians hold today and have held down over the years.

The media immediately launch into a time tested method of crushing all opposition to their agenda. The first attempt is to ridicule the values and ideas of the ones they oppose. The following statement is an illustration of how ridicule is used to silence their opponents.  "The proposed legislation has touched off a debate about just what kind of image Alberta's government is trying to create around the world." (The debate is only in the minds of the media)  What would the nations and peoples of the world think of Alberta if they suspected that some Albertans actually believed the Bible or if it was suspected that some Canadians didn't believe in evolution.  The attempt is to create the idea that only the greatest of fools do not believe in evolution. The truth is that there are thousands of scientests, many of them with PHD's who reject the idea of evolution, but who are they to question the media.

The second method is to create the impression that all opposition to the liberal agenda is impractical. Note the following statement.  Bruseker said it would be difficult for teachers to avoid the topic of evolution in science or geography classes. It can't be done, they say, but the truth is that all curriculum is altered and modified to conform to the desired goals. The real problem is that, in many cases, evolution is not just being taught, it is being indoctrinated.

The third attempt is to isolate the resistance.  Notice the statement,  "If parents don't want that kind of education for their children they have a couple of options," Bruseker said. "One would be home schooling or private school. So for a public school to start excluding based on religious preference, I think is a mistake."  There can be no accommodation with those who oppose the liberal agenda. It seems there are forces that are bent on crushing all remnants of christian values and morals, not one remnant must be allowed to remain. Get them out of the public school system first and then we will deal with them later.

The drive of the liberal media has been to gain the right of homosexuals to practice their lifestyle, which was, until recently, considered to be deviant by a vast majority. Now the goal has shifted, the objective now seems to be to deny others the right to hold a contrary opinion, and to deny others the right to teach their values to their own children.

For decades now the liberal media have launched an all out war against the moral values that have been the foundation stone of our society. They have gone to the streets to gain quotes that support their agenda, they made them to appear as the reasonable position. They have also taken quotes from those in opposition to their agenda and made them to appear out of step with what is reasonable. They persist, hammering away at the opposition until they wear them down and people are convinced that they are isolated in their convictions.

Our moral values and our culture have been turned upside down in the last several decades. They use the false arguement that it is religion that they are rejecting.  People of all religions and people of no religion have held to and benefitted from our cultural values.

Think about it!  If one section claims the right to attempt to force their atheistic and homosexual values on society, the other section of society ought to have the right to attempt to force their values on society, or at the very least the right to defend themselves and their children from indoctrination.  Have we abandoned our democratic society?

Much is made of the fact that homosexuals must not be offended by the rejection of their practices. The truth is that whenever moral values clash both sides are offended. A stable and functioning society can not rest on a foundation of feelings, the foundation must go deeper than that.

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