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“George Bush:”
January 1st, 2007

Addressing the opening of the 61st session of the UN General Assembly, President Bush said (12/12/06) the establishment of a state of Palestine along side the state of Israel is still one of the great objectives of my presidency.

Stan Goodenough said, "The American leaders resolve to divide up the land of Israel, and despite the persistent daily proof of the Palestinians refusal to ever accept Israel’s right to exist, is putting America unavoidably in line to face the judgment of a vengeful God."

Kofi Annan used his influential position to perpetuate the inaccurate yet universally accepted perception of the mid-east conflict. He said "people everywhere are outraged by Israel’s disproportionate use of force against the Palestinians, and by Israel’s continued occupation and confiscation of Arab land." In other words, he told the heads of state gathered before him bringing an end to the conflict by meeting Arab demands would have a positive affect and was thus a priority for every nation on earth.

The following is a commentary by Stan Goodenough. Washington’s resolve to play midwife to the birth of an Arab state on Jewish lands appears not in the least bit weakened by the steadily accumulated evidence, as the latest opinion polls again show, that the vast majority of Palestinians still support the traditional PLO position, according to which the establishment of a Palestinian state will assure the ultimate destruction of the Jewish one.

By maintaining their support for the realization of this Arab ambition, America’s leaders are, unwittingly or otherwise, aiding and abetting those determined to destroy Israel.

Today the White House sees this as a legacy to aspire after and achieve.

History makes a strong case for the argument that God brought the United States into being expressly in order that Israel would have a God-fearing nation allied with her against an increasingly godless world.

And indeed, stemming directly from its unique heritage as a nation founded on deeply driven Judeo-Christian pilings, America has more than any other nation, assisted and supported the reconstituted Jewish homeland since its 1948 rebirth.

That backing has, however, been whittled away by liberal forces working to bring America in line with the anti-Israel policies and practices of virtually every other country on the globe.

Just how far this erosion has gone was abruptly revealed in 2002 when Bush became the first American president to verbally commit himself to helping create a Palestinian state on Israel’s biblical patrimony.

According to His Word, God, the One Who has restored the Jews to their land and is in the process of restoring the land to the Jews, will not stand for this. He is fully committed to securing Israel and warns those who seek to devour her.

"Therefore all they that devour thee shall be devoured; and all thine adversaries, every one of them shall be a spoil, and all that prey upon thee will I give for a prey." Jeremiah 30:16
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