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“Peace and there is no peace”
by Art Sadlier   
December 10th, 2007

At the Annapolis Peace Conference, Israel offered many concessions to Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinians. What was the response of the Islamic side? Is peace any closer?

The major thing Israel is seeking to obtain by making concessions is to be recognized as a State. Several days after Annapolis, Mahmoud Abbas reiterated his refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish State. In fact, the day after the conference, the Abbas-controlled Palestinian T.V. shows a map of Israel in which Israel is painted with the colors of the Palestinian flag, symbolizing Israel turned into a Palestinian State.

The U.S. Secretary of State pledged $400 million to the Abbas Palestinians to help them defend themselves from a Hamas takeover of the West Bank. In the light of that it was surprising to hear that the Abbas Palestinians were seeking reconciliation with Hamas. They said that if Israel retaliates against Hamas (to stop rocket attacks on Israel,) Fatah will join in the fighting with Hamas against Israel.

Negotiations over the disputed territory are to begin this week. What kind of negotiations can take place in the light of the latest news item? The Palestinian Legislative Council is expected to pass a law that would make it illegal to make any concessions on Jerusalem. The Bill which passed first reading on Thursday, also defines such concessions as a crime of high treason punishable by death! The Palestinians are not interested in negotiation, they are demanding Israel's surrender.

Hamas leaders sent a letter to the U.N. demanding that the U.N. rescind the 1947 motion to partiition Palestine into two States, one for Israel, and one for the Arabs. The group said that Palestine is Arab Islamic Land from the river (Jordan) to the sea (Mediterranean) including Jerusalem, there is no room for Jews in it.

We seem to be further from peace now than before Annapolis. There can be no true peace until the Prince of Peace comes!

Someday, perhaps soon, the antichrist will appear on the scene and deliver peace, but it will be a False Peace that is short-lived!

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