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“Is America in Prophecy?”
by Art Sadlier   
January 1st, 2007

Where does America fit in the end time events? Most prophetic teachers say America is not found in end time events. Three factors must be considered:

I. America is the only superpower in the world today

Her military and economic powers totally dominate the world scene. That great power is preventing the end time scenario from unfolding. As the tribulation period begins to unfold, the EU (Revived Roman Empire) must begin to rise to be the dominant power in the world. America must fade off the world scene.

II. America through its change of policy over the last decade has placed herself in danger of the judgment of God.

Her policy of seeking to establish a Palestinian state on Israel’s land will certainly result in judgment. That judgment will remove her from any influence in the Mid-East.

III. On the News wires there is now a steady drumbeat of ominous warnings to America. I cannot begin to deal with all of these warnings, but let me give you just a few excerpts:

The End of Dollar Supremacy - The Iranian government has finally developed a new weapon that can destroy the financial underpinning of the American empire. The US Dollar dominance is coming to an end.

The US National Debt is now $8,000,000,000,000 (8 trillion) - there are no assets to back that debt. America must borrow 3 billion dollars every day to pay the interest on that debt. That money comes mainly from China, Saudi Arabia, India and Japan. If those countries lose confidence in the US Dollar and refuse to lend that money the US economy will collapse.

- Chuck Misler 18/07/2006

US Dollar Facing Imminent Collapse - Even as the stock market is hitting new record highs, the Federal Reserve and Treasury Dept are quietly coordinating a devaluation of the dollar that the Bush administration hopes will be a slow decline rather than a dollar collapse.

John Williams, an experienced professional econometrician states, “China today is holding an unprecedented one trillion US dollars in Foreign Exchange Reserves. During the Thanksgiving Holiday, an announcement by China that their Central Bank planned to diversify Foreign Exchange holdings away from the dollar caused the dollar to drop in value on international currency markets.

Since then the dollar has dropped to a 20 month low against the Euro.”

“You’re dealing with mass psychology here”, Williams argues. “The Central Bankers around the world know they are going to take a hit on their dollar holdings. None of the Central Bankers want to start a dollar panic, but none of the Central Bankers want to be the last out of the dollar either.”

“There will be a Central Bank, most probably in Asia, who will start the move away from the dollar and when it happens, you’re going to see other Central Bankers covertly trying to follow. The move will magnify very quickly and it could become a full-fledged panic and a dollar collapse.”

-- Jerome R Corsi WND

The Plan to Destroy America via the dollar - it has become apparent that there is a new strategy to destroy America. It is a new kind of warfare designed to destroy the value of American Currency via a carefully coordinated attack against our dollar by a coalition of our enemies, and based on the rapid shrinking of the dollar’s worth, despite economic boom, it appears to be working.

Certain countries have begun quietly divesting themselves of US Foreign Exchange holdings, converting them to Euros.

Since China is the world’s second largest holder of US dollar Foreign Exchange Reserves, it has the power to create a catastrophe. At the same time Venezuela and Iran are now demanding that all payments for oil be paid in Euros, not dollars.

-- Hal Lindsey 08/12/2006

Other Ominous Warnings for America - Al Qaeda American Hiroshima - for some time now there has been a threat that terrorists working within the US would detonate nuclear devices, which would be strategically placed. It could possibly be dirty bombs with high yields of radio-activity. It has been long reported that Russian nuclear bombs have been stolen or bought on the black market by wealthy oil producing countries.

Iran’s EMP Threat - one single nuclear missile set off at high altitude over the central area of the US would knock out all electronic and electrical activity for months or even years. It would reduce America to third world status.

We take no delight in these prospects; we weep for America and Canada and pray for a return of our nations to obedience to God.

We are reminded of a memorable statement by Billy Graham some 50 years ago. He said, “If God doesn’t judge America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah”.

That was before 50 million babies were murdered in their mothers’ wombs, before homosexuality was legitimized, before heterosexual immorality swept over the land (37% of babies born in America last year were born outside of marriage), before God was ruled out of the schools, before materialism had totally gripped the hearts of our people, before the family was systematically destroyed and before apostasy had swept over the evangelical church.

Is God about to set America aside so that the end time prophetic scenario can play out?

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