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“The Hidden Sin”
by Art Sadlier   
April 5th, 2009

Job said, "I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid?" Job was saying, I will not look upon a woman with lustful thoughts in my mind and heart.  Jesus said, "...whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart."

Never has there been an hour in all of history when pornography has so filled the environment of men and women. The internet, the T.V screen, billboards, magazines and newspapers are awash in pornography. More recently, women have taken to a fashion that is leading them to expose more and more of their bodies. It is perhaps one of the most difficult days in which to live a pure life that pleases God.

Chuck Swindoll, a popular Evangelical bible teacher, has made the astounding statement that a large majority of pastors are involved with pornography in an ongoing way. Apparently, some surveys have caused him to arrive at this conclusion? I hope that he is wrong. If he is right, it is no wonder the Church is powerless and looking for carnal ways to do the work of God, because the power of God's Spirit is not upon it.

There are several deadly problems with pornography.

Pornography grieves the Holy Spirit of God and causes Him to withdraw from the life of the believer, leaving him powerless and defeated.

Pornography is a besetting sin that leads to a cycle of defeat.

Our God has promised that if we repent, He will forgive and cleanse us. However, repentance involves a turning away from the sin we repent of. If we continue in that sin we have not repented. We may be sorry and we may be grieved in our hearts, but we have not repented. Repentance means a new direction, a turning away from our sin.

I am old enough to remember days long gone bye. Days when the churches were filled with godly men who understood the Word of God and held tenaciously to it, men who were willing to contend for the truth. The churches were filled with men willing and able to give leadership, both in the church and in the home. Something has changed all of that. I fear that secret sin has robbed many of our men of the blessing of God.

My dear brothers in Christ, God is waiting to bless you. Waiting to bless your home, your family, your church and those around you. God wants to bring that blessing through your life. But understand. There is no blessing of God upon a heart that is filled with lust, God will only bless a pure life.

To the believing women, let me say; "you need to be sensitive to how your Lord would have you to dress and conduct yourself." No; I am not telling you what to do; I am suggesting, that you live in such a way that you, and your life, will be pleasing to Christ.

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