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“Civilian National Security Force”
by Art Sadlier   
April 1st, 2009

President Obama made a statement which causes alarm. He said, "We have got to have a Civilian National Security Force that is just as powerful and just as strong and as well funded as our military."

This is a frightening statement. The US military is the most powerful military force ever assembled; it is able to conduct two foreign wars at the same time. Why would the president need or want a civilian force of such magnitude and power?

Who is this domestic force going to fight against or seek to control? The only answer is the American people. The president obviously expects a civil war to take place in America. It seems that he thinks that at some point in time the American people will rebel against his agenda for change. There are other alarming moves which seem to support this conclusion. 

One of these moves is to establish, under FEMA, large holding camps across America, camps which will be available to detain those, it would seem, who may be involved in unrest and rioting.

The alarming thing is that similar Civilian National Security Forces were established in Germany, Russia and China in conjunction with the totalitarian regimes which were set up. In each of those situations, control was gained over the media and the people were excited to great enthusiasm by the promises which were made.

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