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“The coming world church”
by Art Sadlier   
December 3rd, 2007

The prophetic scriptures tell of a Coming World Government in union with a Coming World Church.

In the Book of Revelation, there are three women who are symbols of religion. In Revelation 12: 1, 2. The woman here is a symbol of Israel. In Revelation 19:7, the lamb's wife is a symbol of the true Church of Christ. In Revelation 17:1, 3, the woman called the Great Whore is apostate christianity that commits spiritual fornication by turning from Christ to antichrist.

In Revelation 17: We see this apostate christendom in union with the coming kingdom of Antichrist, referred to as the Beast.

Today, we see World Government being prepared for everywhere we look. The stage is being set for a One World Government, a World Currency, a World Bank, a World Court, a World Health Organization and a World Environmental Protection Agency. Large trading blocks are being set up, which could easily be merged into a World Trade Organization, such as seen in Revelation 13:16, 17.

As we have said, the prophetic scriptures also foretell of a coming World Church. We have seen this developing through the Ecumenical Movement over the last fifty years. Recent events warn us that this World Church may be closer than we think.

Recently dialogue between the Church of Rome and the Church of England has been carried on with an agreement to move toward union. Another recent agreement was made to pursue union between Rome and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Several weeks ago 138 Muslim Scholars signed a letter addressing the pope, the patriarch of the Orthodox Church and all Christian Churches. The letter invited dialogue on how these groups could come together to promote world peace.

Last week the pope responded to the invitation by inviting senior Muslims to the vatican to consider their proposed dialogue.

Last week we heard that 200 Christian Leaders, many of whom are Evangelicals, also responded to the Muslim's invitation to dialogue.

Several months ago Vladimor Putin stated, "The world is headed for a clash of cultures (Islam vs. Christianity) and only the unification of religious leaders can prevent a disaster." That is an unwitting invitation for the World Church to come together and work with governments to achieve world peace.

At this present time the move toward a World Church is taking a giant step forward. We know this World Church will not come into being until after the Rapture, therefore what we see happening is a sure sign that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is near at Hand!

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