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“The Fall of America”
by Art Sadlier   
March 8th, 2009

I  suspect that some morning we will wake up to the fact that America has passed into oblivion never to return as a significant factor in world affairs. Empires come and go, they do not last forever. We are reminded of the Soviet Empire which disintegrated overnight.  The Soviet Union was too powerful, they were a threat to the unfolding of the end time biblical scenario. However, Russia has an end time role to fulfil so they were not sent into oblivion. To the contrary, America has no part to play in end time events.

Why am I so bold to say that I believe that America is about to disintegrate and to pass into insignificance?  I have had no vision or special message from the Lord. What I have been doing is reading my bible and interpreting  the daily news reports in the light of the portions of scripture that tell us about end time events.

Among the rules of interpretation of scripture are two important ones.

First- There must be a commitment to obey the scriptures, God will reveal His word only to submissive hearts.

Second- No scripture is of any private interpretation, we must interpret each verse or portion of scripture in the light of other clear verses or portions of scripture..

Let me now give my reasons for saying that I believe that America is about to suffer the judgment of God and pass into oblivion.

America has had the light of God's truth more than any nation in all of history. The word of God is clear that judgment is according to light received. America has totally turned away from the light God has given her. Fifty million abortions cry out for the judgment of God. Fifty years of evolution taught in the schools of America (and Canada), a whole generation has been told countless thousands of times that God does not exist, that cries out for the judgment of God.

Add to that the flood of heterosexual immorality, the destruction and rejection of God's plan for the family. Add to that the acceptance of homosexuality and now gay marriage. America has also turned away from the God of her fathers and given herself over to the worship of the false gods of materialism and pleasure.

Add to all of these, the greatest defiance of all, the pressure on Israel to give up the land God has promised to her. God has long ago promised judgment on those who do that.

The only hope for America is to turn from these sins in repentance and contrition. The problem is that the new administration of Barack Obama has plunged further and faster into the wrong attitudes and sins of the past and is accelerating the push for  two states on Israel's land. This, in spite of the many warnings God has given to America in the recent past for this very thing.

The truly significant thing is that America is so powerful, both economically and militarily that they are preventing the unfolding of the end time biblical scenario. The issue is, that if we are as near to the Day of the Lord as we certainly seem to be, then the neutralizing of America must be very near also.

For those reasons I believe we will wake up some morning, and maybe soon, to an America that is destroyed by the judgment of a holy God that hates sin and rebellion. The fact is, for those who are not blind to truth and reality, the signs of this coming judgment are all around us and multiplying every day.

America is not going to come out of this economic meltdown, any thinking person can look at America's debt and know that there is nothing awaiting but the collapse of the dollar. We are told that the true total of the American debt, including entitlements committed to, is close to 65 trillion dollars, you can't wrap your mind around that figure.  Obama's policies indicate that he intends to greatly expand the debtload in the next few years. China has indicated that she is no longer willing to finance the American debt, which in itself is serious warning. Just this week some financial experts are saying Obama's solutions are not going to work, even some democrats have said that Obama has not come up with the answers.

What a tragic end to such a great country! 

Jeremiah lived in a similar day for Israel, the leaders said, "Peace and safety", don't worry everything will work out just fine. Jeremiah said, no, not so, the judgment of God is coming, and it did come. As he saw the Day of the Lord approaching, Jeremiah said, "Oh that my head were waters, and mine eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for the slain of the daughter of my people".

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