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“More Warnings”
by A Sadlier   
December 1st, 2007

Jeremiah lived and preached in an hour when there was no good news. Judah was about to be destroyed by the Babylonians. The people said to Jeremiah, say some nice things to us, give us some good news. I am sure that it grieved the heart of Jeremiah that he had nothing but bad news for his contemporaries.

I feel that way today, apart from the good news of the Gospel (and that is Wonderful news that we should be sounding out everywhere) there is no good news for our society. In fact the world situation is growing more desperate by the hour.

Today we are told that Lebanon is a powder keg. We are told that an electoral deadlock over a new leader is coming to a climax, threatening to upset an 18 year old factional truce and ignite a new civil war that will add one more explosive ingredient to the middle east instability.

In Pakistan, Al-Qaida and Islamist militants are controlling more and more of the country. There is a very real possibility that they could seize control of the country. NATO is very concerned and talking about sending troops into Pakistan. If the Islamists take control they would gain access to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. Those nuclear weapons could quickly find their way into the hands of rogue nations like Iran and Syria.

In Iran, Mahmoud Amadinejad is more belligerent by the day as he gets nearer and nearer to nuclear weapons. America has laid plans to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. What will the repercussions be? Will oil go to $200 a barrel? Could our economy survive?

When we turn to China, we read of a congressional report that says the US military is vulnerable to China’s advanced war-fighting systems, including space weapons and computer attacks that would be used in a conflict over Taiwan, which seems inevitable.

In Israel they seem intent on negotiating away the West Bank, Hamas is planning to overrun the West Bank and take it over from Fatah as they did in Gaza. That would make the peace process a total disaster and Israel’s position would go from bad to worse.

In the US it has been revealed that terrorist moles have infiltrated into the US government.

Then we have the ominous threat of a collapse of the US dollar, which could turn America into a third world country in a relatively short order. has reported that “hundreds of banks are threatened by a new sub prime crisis”. The story continued, “the reserves of hundreds of banks are at risk, including some major banks, after a little noticed Federal court decision signaled the crisis in securitized home mortgages could spell much more trouble for financial institutions than previously realized.”

We are heading toward the final hour of the present age of grace in which we live.

We have read the last chapter of the book and we know what lies ahead. The trumpet will soon sound, then a great false peace will arise, but it will be temporary and be swallowed up in the great “Day of the Lord” judgment.

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