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“European Parliament Passes Resolution, Vowing to Take”
by John-Henry Westen   
May 1st, 2007

Strasbourg, April 26, 2007 ( - In a disgraceful debate in the European Parliament (EP) yesterday, Members of the European Parliament from France, the Netherlands and Italy, among others, vilified Poland as “hateful” and “repulsive” for refusing to allow promotion of homosexuality in schools.

A vote was held today to approve an EP resolution chastising Poland for ‘homophobia’. The resolution - adopted by 325 votes to 124, with 150 abstentions - calls for a fact-finding mission to be sent to Poland, for “worldwide de-criminalization of homosexuality” and for the Commission to take Member States to court if they breach their EU obligations.

At issue was a proposed law in Poland which would forbid “homosexual propaganda” in schools. Explaining the legislation earlier this year, Roman Giertych, Poland’s minister of education: “One must limit homosexual propaganda so that children won’t have an improper view of family.”

Despite such a spirited defense, comments by the leaders of EU governing body indicated there was to be no tolerance for ideas which would view homosexual acts as unnatural. European commission for equal opportunity, Vladimir Spidla, said of the proposed Polish educational ….

Italy’s Giusto Catania joined in the attack on Poland adding an attack on the church as well which he said never stopped in expressing hatred toward homosexuals.

Is this the repressive kingdom of Antichrist in its formative stage? Does this give new meaning to Dan. 11:37?

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