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“What Destination?”
by Art Sadlier   
February 1st, 2009

When you head your car out onto the highway you must choose which way you are going to go, your destination is determined by the way you choose to travel. It is the same with nations, they chart a course and they arrive at their destination, prosperity and blessing or destruction, which is the story of history.

America has been charting a course for some time now. Think of the course the American courts and government have been choosing. Some years ago the courts decided to legalize abortion, since that time 50 million babies have been slaughtered in their mother's wombs. Long ago the government controlled school system decided to teach evolution and deny that there is a God that created heaven and earth as God's Word is clearly states. The courts, the politicians and the media have laboured mightily to legalize Homosexuality and same sex marriage, again this involves a rejection of God and His word.

Long ago America chose the direction it desired to go and they chose it over the objections of multitudes of other Americans. Last week America confirmed that they have arrived at the destination they set out for. The president of the nation announced in his inaugural address that America is no longer a Christian nation. An opinion poll taken days before showed that a majority of Americans no longer believe Christianity is the main religion of America.

Two recent court rulings just confirm this fact. Some time ago the courts ruled prayer in schools was unconstitutional and it was banned. Several days ago a judge in Illinois ruled that a moment of silence in the classroom cannot be allowed just in case the children may have thoughts of God. In the new America that is intolerable.

In another recent ruling by the Supreme Court, a law that protected children from pornography on the internet was struck down as being unconstitutional. Do you not think the Lord in heaven is taking note that the leaders of America are exposing children to the destructive, corrupting influence of pornography and preventing children from praying to Him or even perchance having thoughts about Him?

The next move by the new President is to pass a law against hate crime, a law which in other countries has facilitated the prosecution of Pastors and believers for teaching and preaching what God says in His Word about homosexuality.

America as a nation has turned away from God.  Should we be surprised if the judgment of God falls on America, and if it does it will be what the nation has chosen.

Some may argue that for the sake of the remnant of believers in America God will hold back His judgment as in the days of Lot. What if the rapture of the church were to take place? What would hold back God's judgment then?

My friend if you are not saved now is the time to forsake the world and the judgment that is certain to come.

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