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“The peace process”
by Art Sadlier   
November 26th, 2007

The term "PEACE PROCESS" has been used now for some time. For some twenty years this so-called Peace Process has gone on. The idea, everyone assumes, is that both Israel and the Palestinians will make concessions as they negotiate, and a point of reconcilliation will be reached.

That is not what this phony Peace Process is about. After each agreement Israel makes concessions and gets nothing in return except more terrorism and more rockets and missiles. Then the process starts all over again with more concessions, all in the name of the Peace Process. Each concession leads to more appeasements. The Peace Process is a never-ending process of appeasements. It was not long ago that Israel gave up the Gaza Strip, what did they get in return? A daily barrage of rockets and missiles and suicide bombers.

The Islamic Nations have clearly stated their ultimate objective, is the total destruction of Israel. The Peace Process is insanity in the light of this Islamic goal.

The U.S. Administration is placing great pressure on Israel to make more and greater concessions. Unfortunately, the leaders of Israel are weak leaders who are willing to give away that which God has miraculously given to them since 1948. The concessions now being demanded and being considered by Israel are: ONE - The giving away of The West Bank, Biblical Judea and Samaria. TWO - The dividing of Jerusalem and the permanent handover of the Temple Mount. THREE - The right of return for the so-called Palestinian refugees living outside of Israel.

Incredible as it may seem, the present Israeli Leadership is preparing to make those concessions, and many Israelis are prepared to support such a surrender. WHY? The problem in Israel today is the same problem that has plagued Israel for 3500 years. The problem is unbelief and disobedience to God, and it is now coming to a Great Climax.

Remember Kadesh Barnea, when God brought Israel to the borders of the Promised Land and said, go in and take it, I will give it to you. Instead, they turned away in disobedience and unbelief and brought the judgment of God down upon their heads as they perished in the wilderness.

In a similar fashion, Israel is now headed for the greatest Holocaust in history. (read Mt. 24:21, Jer. 30:7, Dan. 12:1, Zech. 13:8).

The good news is that out of that awful time of Judgment, Israel's age-long problem of unbelief and disobedience will finally come to an end. (Zech. 13:9)

But, there is bad news for the Gentile Nations that are leading Israel to destruction. In Genesis 12:3 the Lord said, "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse Him that curseth thee:" America has blessed Israel over the years, and no nation has been more blessed than America. Today America is causing the curse of God to fall upon Israel by pressuring her to give up her God-given land. God says that He will curse America for that.

In Joel 3:2 God says He will judge the nations for parting Israel's land. That is what America is now involved in, parting God's Land.

There will be an awfull price to pay! AND IT MAY NOT BE FAR AWAY!

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