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Exploring Revelation
“Revelation 11: 4-6 - Exploring Revelation”
by Art Sadlier   
August 17th, 2020

This week we want to look further at the two witnesses. We stated last week that in our opinion the two witnesses are Moses and Elijah. Remember that immediately after the rapture there are no saved people on the earth, God has no witness on the earth. We know that God never leaves himself without a witness, and so immediately God sends the two witnesses to this world scene. The two witnesses begin to preach the gospel, first to the144,000 Jews who will be saved,12,000 from each of the tribes of Israel, and then a great mutitude of all nations are saved. In Revelation 7:9,14 we read about this multitude who have been saved and martyred for their faith in Christ, we see them in heaven after their martyrdom.

The world will be on rampage against God and His people. ( we read now about Iran and Hezzbollah, passing a law that permits the crucifixation of Christians, this seems to be preparation for the tribulation slaughter of the Saints). What satanic hatred there is in the hearts of men against God's people. Persecution and martyrdom today is greater than in the early centuries of church history. In that coming day all restraints will be removed from satan and the rebellious people of that time.

Verse 4, is a reference to Zechariah 3-4, the two witnesses are like oil lamps as they shine forth the truth in their witness.

Verse 5, tells us that these two witnesses will bring fire down upon those who oppose them. Why do these two witnesses bring such awful judgment on men? The answer is that God is a God of judgment who will judge men who reject His love. Men are deceived who think God is a God of love who will not punish men for sin. Those who have read the Old Testament understand the extent of God's burning anger against sin. To understand something of God's anger against sin look into the eternal fires of hell. Don't learn that lesson too late.

Verse 6, fits Moses and Elijah. Elijah prayed that the rain would be shut up from Heaven and it was for 3 1/2 years. Moses called down the plagues upon Eygpt. Evidently as they preach the message of repentance and faith many will scorn the message of the witnesses and try to kill them. The world will watch as Moses and Elijah call down fire and plagues upon a Christ rejecting world. Many will be convinced and be converted as a result of the actions of the witnesses. Moses and Elijah represent the salvation of the Lord from physical and spiritual bondage.

In the midst of judgment God will remember mercy, those who oppose and reject will be destroyed and those who repent and turn in faith to Christ will be saved. Here we have a vivid demonstration of the story of all of history, those who will repent and be saved and those who reject God,s love and mercy and are eternally damned. The last days will highlight this story of the human race. 

This is a dramatic and climatic episode in the conflict of the ages between God and satan.

Today as we preach the gospel, we are not unlike the two witnesses, though we do not bring temporal judgment upon those who reject our message, but the rejection of the gospel brings eternal judgment. It is an awesome responsibility to be a witness of Christ.

Next week we will look at the satanic war on the two witnesses.

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