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“Revelation 11: 1-2 Pt. #2 - Exploring Revelation”
by Art Sadlier   
August 15th, 2020

In verse 1 John is referring to the third temple, the tribulation temple which will be built early in the tribulation period. All of the plans and preparations for that temple are ready, a model is complete, all of the instruments and utensils have been made, hundreds of priests have been trained and equipped. The menorah and the brazen laver have been made, the crown for the high priest has been fashioned of Gold. The Priestly garments have been tailored and the red heifer is available. The working bluprints are being finalized for the actual construction of the temple.

We know that at the beginning of the tribulation period Israel will sign a seven year peace treaty with anti-christ. That treaty will promise Israel peace and safety. It will also allow Israel to build the temple, which evidently they will do quickly.The temple worship will be re-established but the whole system will be ritualistic only. There will be no spiritual reality to the worship, it will be outer form only, that is what verse 1, is all about.

Just Christ examined the temple the first time He came, He comes to the temple this time also (through John) to evaluate Israel to see if they are ready and worthy for His blessing. And just as He found Israel unfit the first time, here also Israel is found unworthy of His blessing. The lord is checking Israel's worship to see if it is genuine, they have returned to the land, they are worshipping in the temple, but it is a sham there is no spiritual reality to it.

And so the time of Jacob's trouble must follow, Israel must be chastened one last time before their hearts are truly be turned to the Lord. Zech. 1:8-9

In verse 2, our Lord says don't measure the outer court, the outer redcourt is known as the "Court of the Gentiles'', God is only measuring Israel in these verses.

"..for it is given unto the gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months". This ties in with other prophecy, anti-christ will break his covenant after 3 1/2 years and set up his image in the temple to be worshipped. See Daniel 9:27 Mt,24:15-18 2 Thess. 2:3-5

At this midpoint of the tribulation period a great change takes for Israel, they had been dwelling safely in their own land. Now they are scattered by the rage and fury of anti-christ.

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