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“God's Purpose for the Tribulation Period”
by A Bible Study:   
May 1st, 2007
  1. To punish sinners and remove them from the earth. Isa. 13:9-13, Matt 24: 36-39, Gen 6:13.
  2. To bring about a world-wide revival. Matt 24:14
    1. A great multitude will be saved and martyred. Rev. 7:9,10,13,14. This is a special group of saints, not of the church and not of Israel (see vs 15).
    2. Another great multitude of gentiles will be saved and survive to go into the millennial kingdom in their natural bodies. Matt. 25:31-34. They also will not be a part of the church or Israel. Rev 21:24-26, Rev 22:2. This group will evidently still exist in eternity future.
  3. To redeem Israel. Zech 13:8,9, Zech 12:10. God will bring Israel to the end of themselves and redeem them, the process has begun today.
  4. To judge and destroy the harlot church. Throughout the church age there has been apostate Christianity that which claims to represent Christ and yet opposes and attacks the true church. Rev 17:15. A harlot is one who is unfaithful to her husband. A harlot church is one who is unfaithful to Christ.

After the church is raptured, this unregenerate apostate church will rapidly grow to fill the whole earth. The process has even begun today in the name of the Ecumenical movement. Rev 17:16,17. At the mid-tribulation point the harlot church will be destroyed to make way for the worship of anti-Christ and Satan.

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