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“Tremendous change in the Evangelical Church”
by A Sadlier   
November 1st, 2007

All across Canada and America Churches are being radically changed. Quietly, almost imperceptibly change has been taking place in the Evangelical church. The groundwork for this change has been laid down in the last four or five decades, slow change that was almost imperceptible.

A gradual weaning away from the Word of God, from meaningful music filled with theological truth, from the blueprint for the Church as found in God’s Word. There has been a gradual subtle learning to compromise with the world, a gradual introduction of programs and practices of the world. There has been a gradual shift to the business practices of the world and a gradual reliance on big buildings and big budget, not wrong in themselves, until they become the focus.

There has been a gradual dumbing down of the Word of God and a gradual transition, almost unawares, to remove the offense of the gospel and replace it with easy believism.

There is a tendency, if challenged, to look at the church of yesterday and declare that not much has changed. The challenge should be to look at the church of 50 to 60 years ago and see how great the change has been. When you do that, the apostasy of our day is obvious. The real challenge is to study what Christ designed and called the church to be and do.

In recent years, all of the gradual change has given way to a flood of apostasy in the Evangelical church. First the Seeker Friendly Church which opened the door for the Purpose Driven Church and now the Emerging Church which will bridge the gap between Evangelicals and the Church of Rome.

All around the world there are troubled Christians, who have watched as the focus of their Churches has shifted from Bible based teaching to Purpose Driven experiences. Many have sensed something is wrong but cannot put their finger on the problem. Some have wondered how God’s guidance fits into this tightly controlled man-made system. They have asked questions but no one has the answers to their concerns and the program isolates those who question the process.

They have tried to warn Pastors and friends but have been rebuffed, some have even been told to find another Church. All have shared the pain of rejection.

The following letter, I picked up from Berit Kjos, illustrates the struggle faced by those who cannot, with a clear conscience, go along with a Church that embraces the world’s transformative marketing and management methods.

The writer says, “I just read ‘Small Groups and the Dialectic Process’: at the end of it, I read this paragraph which took my breath away! In today’s Church Growth Movement, resisters are usually sifted out fairly early in the process. In the next installment, we will look at some of the ways non-conformists are assessed, exposed, vilified and dismissed from the Church families they have loved, served and supported.”

It seems that many Evangelical Pastors have been deceived and are leading their people into deception.
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