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“The Declining US Dollar”
by A Sadlier   
November 1st, 2007

The end time prophetic scenario indicates that America will not be a significant player in the events of the Last Days. She will not be a powerful military force nor an influential economic power. We say that because the whole economic and military scenario of the Last Days is laid out in Scripture and America is nowhere to be found.

Scripture indicates that Europe will be the dominant force in the world, both militarily and economically. So it seems there must come a transition from American Economic Superiority to European Dominance.

If the events of the Last Days are soon to play out a sudden decline in US power must be near at hand. A total economic collapse would eliminate US military and economic influence.

During recent weeks the US dollar has experienced a steady decline against all foreign currencies.

The dollar is dropping because there is lack of confidence in it. The US Federal Debt is now 9 Trillion dollars. The US must borrow 70 billion dollars a month to service the debt. Most of that money comes from other countries, but the source of these finances is drying up, due to a loss of confidence in the US dollar. Who wants to hold US dollars that could collapse?

There are ominous signs of a possible dollar collapse. Let me give you a few news items which indicate a serious situation:

· China threatens the “Nuclear Option” of dollar sales. The Chinese government has begun a concerted campaign of economic threats against the US hinting that it may liquidate its vast holdings of US Treasuries.

“Nuclear Option” is a term used by China to describe the devastating effect on the US economy if China sold of the $1.33 Trillion dollars of US funds it now holds. It could trigger a dollar collapse!

· Japan and China led a record withdrawal of Foreign Funds from the US in August, heightening fresh fears of a slide in the dollar and a spike in US Bond yields.

Asian investors recently dumped $52 Billion worth of Treasury bonds.

I understand that no one wants to trigger a collapse of a currency in which they have large holdings, but neither would they want to be the last one out. They are now apparently quietly trying to reduce their holdings in US funds, the danger is that the plug will be pulled and the dollar will collapse.

· Under the heading: Good Bye US Dollar – Hello Global Currency; the Director of Economics at the Council on Foreign Relations, launched a scathing attack on national currencies. The article was entitled “The End of National Currencies”.

· Iran and Venezuela are working hard to bring down the US Dollar by selling oil in currencies other than the US dollar.

· Along with these threats we are hearing repeated rumours of a new currency to replace the dollar – the “Amero”. Vincinte Fox, former president of Mexico, confirmed on Larry King Live that President Bush had committed to the “Amero”. What does Mr. Bush know about the future of the US dollar that others do not seem to know?

I am not an economist, and certainly not qualified to speak with authority on financial matters, but there is mounting evidence that the dollar is in serious trouble.

I can read my Bible and the newspaper and recognize that what God has said in His Word will happen – and actually is happening!

Consider four things:

1. America is facing the judgment of God for turning away from God, turning to wickedness and for forcing Israel to give up her land.

2. America will not be involved in End Time Events; therefore her mighty economic and military power must be negated if we are close to the unfolding of End Time Events.

3.What is a more fitting judgment on a materialistic society than an economic collapse? A society that has worshipped the god of things!

4. Where there is smoke there is fire. We are seeing a mounting and escalating threat against the US dollar.

I am not Anti-American, but the very Blessings of God upon America make her more responsible to God. I remind you that God is going to judge ALL of the Nations in the Great Day of His wrath. We are just talking about chronology when we talk about judgment on America.

The signs of the coming Judgment of God upon a rebellious world are everywhere. Let me ask you “Are you ready for the cataclysmic events that lie ahead? God has provided a way for you to be ready. That way is salvation involving Repentance from sin and Faith in Christ, the only way to be ready.

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