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“A World Religion for World Peace”
by Art Sadlier   
November 18th, 2008

We are seeing an exceleration of activity to bring the world's religions together in the cause of world peace. Recently there was an Interfaith Conference in Madrid, organized by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and representatives of other religions were represented with the hope of sparking unity of the world's religions.

Another endevour toward the same goal is the, "UN conference on Religions and Cultures". The UN has sent out invitations to all 192 UN member countries. The following statement was made by the General Assembly President, "We would like not only to talk about dialouge, but about joining forces in order to work together with all these common values to address the major issues that we are facing right now in the world". That is politics and religion in union, shades of the harlot church.

But more alarming is the three day meeting at the Vatican. The Pope and a number of those claiming to represent Christianity met with 138 Islamic clerics who represent every branch of Islam.

A striking commentary was made on these meetings. The sum of the remarks was that if ever there were to be peace in the world it must begin with religious unity. Muslims must condem, root out, and destroy the fanatics in their midst, you can't dialogue with them, just shoot them. At the same time Christianity must condemn, root out, and destroy their own fanatics. Men like James Dobson, Jonathan Falwell and other zealots in the same category.

The stage is being set for the slaughter of millions of tribulation saints.

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