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“New California law labeled anti-family and insidious”
by Art Sadlier   
October 29th, 2007

A new bill, SB777, recently passed, prohibits any instruction or school sponsored activity that would promote discrimination against gender. That means terms like "Mom" and "Dad" and "Husband" and "Wife" cannot be used in California textbooks because they suggest that heterosexuality is the norm, and under the new law, teachers and students who oppose same-sex marriage or who express disapproval of cross-dressing, or sex change operations could face disciplinary measures. This, basically, turns the schools of California into indoctrination centres for homosexuality.

According to the Global Coordinator for the World Congress of Families, Dr. Alan Carlson, the measure is proof that the homosexual lobby is not interested in non-discrimination. but is forcing its views on an unwilling public.

Dr. Alan Carlson says, "it is clearly designed to make defenders and advocates of the natural family to something like thought- criminals."

The World Congress of Families says, "although some may find it unbelievable, the new law even allows students who identify with the opposite gender the freedom to use restrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex.

Dr. Carlson says, "parents who do not want their children to be subjected to homosexual indoctrination, now have no alternative but to withdraw their children from California's Public School System".

This legislation is an attack on God's Word, on the family, and on children.

It is interesting that the wildfires that ravaged California broke out the day after Gov. Schwarznegger signed this bill into law.

I, personally, believe these tragic wildfires are a warning to California and America. America has turned away from God's Word, wickedness has swept the land. Another significant act of rebellion against God and His Word is the pressure the U.S. government has placed on Israel to give up her God promised land. All of these place America in danger of the judgment of God.

For sometime God has been warning America, 9-11,fierce storms,katrina and now the looming threat to the dollar. These warnings are falling on deaf ears. Some day the last warning will come and go unheeded, and the jugment of God will fall.

My question, is are you ready? The only way to be ready is to know Christ as your savior, I invite you to click on, "have you considered" on our menu and find out how you can know Chrit as your savior.

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