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Exploring Revelation
“Revelation 9: 5-11 - Exploring Revelation”
by Art Sadlier   
July 23rd, 2020

We are looking at the Fifth Trumpet or the First Woe. This Woe is represented by Locust like creatures which are literal beasts who are demon possessed.They are under a command to hurt men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads.

In verse 5, we see the torment which they inflict. "And to them was given that they should not kill them," God's purpose here is to bring men to repentance and to reveal how some men's hearts are so set against God that no amount of God's pleading will bring them to repentance. That's why Hell is forever, when a man dies in his sin he will never repent. Rev. 22:11 - Eccles. 11:3

They are able to torment but not to kill, there torment is limited to five months. God puts restrictions on these demons even as He did on Satan in the book of Job. In scripture and in man's practical experience God tests and tries men in a multitude of ways. These testings always result in either blessing or judgment.

The torment was as severe as the sting of a scorpion, which they tell us is about as painful as men know anything about.

Notice that these were not scorpions, nor was the pain the pain of a scorpion sting. The scripture says, "as" in both cases, John is using something we know to describe something we do not know. That does not take away from the severity of these judgments.

In verse 6, we learn a shocking and amazing truth, men would rather die than repent, "men seek death, and shall not find it," God is not responsible for eternal punishment if man refuses God's provision for his deliverance. Man must bear the responsibility for the judgment that God brings upon him. The fact is, that if men do not repent, there is no escape,

We have an eight-part description. ONE they looked like horses prepared unto battle. TWO they had crowns like gold. THREE they had faces that looked like the faces of men. FOUR they had hair that looked like women's hair. FIVE they had teeth like lion's teeth. SIX they had breastplates that looked like iron. SEVEN the sound of their wings was like chariots going to battle. EIGHT they had tails like scorpions. What monstrosities!

Since demons do not have physical bodies, it is obvious that they are inhabiting these creatures and we have here demon-possessed fearful creatures that reveal the true character of Satan. Satan often comes disguised as an angel of light, but here we see him as he really is.

We see that the time these demons have is limited to five months and what they can do is limited to torment. The Lord is in control, though Satan is now the god of this world, he is limited by God, as he was in the case of Job.

In verse 11, we discover that these demons had a leader, his name is Abaddon, which means "destroyer", that would indicate that this king is Satan. Satan is seen as a destroyer in Isaiah 14:15-17. It appears that when Satan is cast out of heaven, at the mid tribulation point, by the permissive will of God he goes into the bottomless pit and brings out the demons that have long been locked there.

The tribulation period will be fearful beyond imagination, the trumpet is soon to sound, if you are not saved do not be obstinate, repent of your sin and rebellion against God and ask Him to save you now.

That is the FIRST WOE, we will look at the second WOE next week.

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