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“A World Government and a world Church”
by Art Sadlier   
October 5th, 2008

Scripture tells us that the last days of this age will be dominated by a World government working hand in hand with a World church. Scripture tells us that these two entities will appear at the beginning of the tribulation period. The fact that these two entities are now hovering in the wings and are about to make an appearance indicates the lateness of the hour in which we now live.

The current financial meltdown has stimulated renewed calls for a new currency to replace the dollar as the worlds trading currency. China, Europe and a group of mid-east oil producing nations are calling for a new world currency. UN secretary General is stressing the need for global leadership in the light on the financial crisis facing the world. European financial leaders are preparing for a proposed global summit on the economic crisis.

It is obvious that a global agency will need to regulate and supervise this new financial

order in place of the US. The stage is being set for a world government which will manage this new world economy. The whole concept has been worked over for years, all that awaits is God’s time table. Paul said, “And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time”. 2 Thess. 2:6. That indicates, as we said earlier, this world government with its world leader will not be revealed until the church is raptured. Again I say, events indicate that the hour is very late, the trumpet is soon to sound.

The second entity that will dominate in the last days is the world church (Rev. 17).

For over fifty years the mainline churches have been promoting ecumenism, the coming together of all the denominations into common effort to promote a social agenda. Along with that we have witnessed the efforts of the Catholic church to bring protestants back into a union with Rome. Evangelicals have stood aloof from ecumenism until the last few decades. Two men who call themselves evangelicals, Rick Warren and Bill Hybels are subtly leading a vast host of evangelicals into a program that will make the church a vehicle for global government. Rick Warren has boldly introduced a Peace initiative, in a plan to bring one billion religious people to cooperate in solving many of the worlds problems. He says that there some global giants that he is set to tackle, they are poverty, hiv/aids, climate change, human rights and selfish leadership. As a new evangelical, Warren wants to avoid the issue of sin, its to devisive, it divides, whereas focusing on these social problems brings people together. That’s where new evangelicalism takes a fatal wrong turn. The purpose of the gospel is not to unite people nor to solve social problems but to preach against sin and to bring conviction on sinners with the purpose of bringing them to reconciliation with God.

In 1995 Bill Hybels introduced the Global Leadership Summit, it was to be an annual leadership conference to train leaders for church, ministry, and for other leaders to develop their skills. The 2007 summit was hosted in 224 cities and in 32 countries and with leaders from 108,000 churches. Some of the main speakers were men who are backers of global religion. Men like U2 lead singer Bono along with Tony Blair, men who are also aggressively promoting global religion. Along with these men there are a host of other speakers who represent the secular business world with there secular methods.

New Evangelicalism has swept over much of the evangelical church with its goal of social change, through the social gospel. The problem is that the cost has been the sacrifice of the true gospel. Turning the church into a vehicle for building the world church, the harlot church of Revelation 17. Most tragic of all is that multitudes of evangelicals do not have the foggiest notion of what is going on. The call of the hour is, “Come out of her my people”. God’s program for apostasy is separation! - Art Sadlier

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